Monday, March 10, 2008

My Favorite House in Charleston

So, we wandered all over downtown Charleston Wednesday after we got done with the boats... err, I mean ships. When we got done with the ships. We walked all along the Charleston City Market (on N and S Market Sts), got a Ben & Jerry's milkshake, and then we walked down to the Battery. Needless to say, after all the walking, both mine and Phil's feet were really tired. But, we decided to return up East Bay St to where we'd parked the car instead of walking back up Meeting St. On our way back, I made Phil walk up one of the streets (don't remember which one, now) and take a picture of this house. I absolutely love it! There were plenty of big homes, beautiful homes, and big and beautiful homes, but this one was the prettiest, in my opinion. (Besides, taking a picture of this house was a nice break for my feet!) What do you all think about the house?


The Mom said...

i think it is beautiful. You could write a novel abt it. Did Phil rub your feet when you got home? ugh, I don't want to know. what a fun day what did you eat.?

merrymerry said...

Lovely house reminds me of our old farm house in T'vile.You sound like you've had a great time.Maybe you need to rub Phil's feet. HA Merry