Friday, March 14, 2008

Davy's Day Trip

Hello hello! David had a fabulous time on his day trip yesterday. Only down side was that he had a wicked sunburn. So here are all of the pictures I could get so far (actually WAYYYYY too many pics so created Shutterfly folder. Info at bottom of blog). Hopefully there will be more when David can get to Kyle's camera.Also there will be videos, but at a later date. Here are some blurbs with the pics. Sorry some of them are jumbled but I just copied and pasted from our chat convo:

1. Camel that liked David
2. Tour guide
3. Across the water was Saudi Arabia
4. Tents: "we went swimming laid out, played cards relaxed, then ate the food they had been cooking for us on outside grills. the tents were there for us to get out of the sun and change. after food we smoked a huka and went back. no its just the companie's place for the tour. no its just the companie's place for the tour"
5. Swimming: "in the ocean. man was it salty. but the water was soooo clear. more so than i've seen in a long time"
6. on duning:
"me:were you driving?and i thought you all were on atv? David: cars are cheaper^-^ me: really?what if they roll over? David: yep, it's split 5 ways that waywe thought so too until we did it me: oh! so one driver and then 4 of you in the car David: 5 me: were you all allowed to drive? David: no we rode too good fo a chance for us to flip and kill everyone me: good point David: no roll cages me: those cars must not last at all with all that sand"

Alrighty, so i have tried to attach a small video preview of a car racing across the dunes. Hopefully it works. All the pics that I have managed to get so far have been sent to you via email. Let me know if it doesn't work and I'll try another way of sending it to you. I tried creating a powerpoint, but nothing was working to put it on David's site. Anyways, let me know if you need help seeing them!

Hope all is well! xoxoxoxo


The Mom said...

good Fun!!!!great to here. Did the camel spit on him? love

merrymerry said...

Wow the ocean looks beautiful but there is nothing around but sand and more sand.The fish was also beautiful.Was it your dinner?or could it not be eaten.Were there any shells? or dangerous fish? Did the sand feel coarse or fine like in the Bahamas?