Friday, May 30, 2008


Suzy and Jazz are on the way!! Just cleaned up the house!! with 2 and 1/2 dogs and a bunch of kids. This will be the last clean until ....... and I can't wait!!!!! Going to miss Dad , but we are going to have a great time. Hope for no rain. I'm so excited i can't write. Love to all BE SAFE Please.


ps: Can't wait to meet the newest member of your family, Miss Jazzy Ro (what an absolute cutie patootee!)

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Wallet


(the wallet, the pig is just cute!)

The CHARLOTTE adventure

OK, Lucky for everyone involved, my boss was nice enough to let me take yesterday partly off so that mom wouldn't have to bunk with Davo on base for the next few days......

I get a call in my office around 9ish yesterday morning--It's The Mom--Davo changed his flight and would be able to land at CLT and we wouldn't have to drive to Columbia. Great, when does he land? 11:54. Well, he'll have to wait a bit, cause I told my boss I would work until 11:00.

Visit the boss' office around 9:30, catch each other up to speed and he tells me to go!!! Whohoo!! Davo here we come!!

Meet The Mom at her house, off we go! I have to speed up and slow down to keep her in my rear view mirror--all the way there!!! And to everyone who thinks I'm a crazy driver, I almost died several times--and they were never going to be my fault!!!!

At the airport--we both have to pee so bad we almost used the men's room (the first bathroom we saw). The Mom is almost skipping and talking so much you would have thought it was Sque!!! Same questions over and over and over and over and over.... well, you get the picture!

We found out that his flight would be in at 12:03 instead of 11:54 at 12:05. His luggage would be at ZONE D. There was a little coffee shop right infront of the escalator next to ZONE D. The Mom had already had her morning coffee and a large McD's Iced Tea--She ordered a coffee at the coffe shop!!! It was NASTY--I had to share my H2O.

And then.....12:10ish....It happened!!!

We saw the Davo!!! The Mom jumped out of her chair and hollered and Whohooed. Scared the crap out of this lady unlucky enough to be walking infront of us--She almost got squashed!!! There was a man infront of Davo on the escalator, he stepped back in a hurry--I'm sure he thought The Mom was going to tackle him!!!!

The Davo and I were slightly red in the face!!!

We gathered his stinky luggage and he had a friend to go back to base with--to keep each other awake!

Off we went to find those guys a good lunch! It took about 30 minutes of driving in circles and we finally found a restaurant--not the best but we had to quit driving, Davo was getting ready to drive off and leave us. It was an OK meal at Plan B restaurant on East blvd. Afterwards, The Mom and I passed a million of good looking food places, of course.

We said good bye to the boys, uh, men and off we went! Us north, Them south (we hoped)! Davo said he had GPS--I said I had The Mom!! He wouldn't trade!

Finally, back in Davidson County, drop The Mom off, it's about 3:30. Almost in my drive way and my phone rings....... You all know the rest, about 4:00 off I am again to Charlotte, except this time it was raining harder and traffic was slower..... No Luck on my part.....

Such a rotten way to end 4 months...... It makes me sick to my stomach (for him)!!!

But the good news out weighs the bad:


I can't believe I'm going to say it..........

WELCOME HOME HUNKY DUMPLING!!!!!!! (I just threwup in my mouth a little, but everything is ok, I was able to swallow it!!)

Prayers please

My Maman is taking her U.S. Citizenship test this morning at 11am. She has been studying her tush off and I'm sure she will pass, but prayers are always appreciated :)

So who knows maybe soon we will have 2 ladies with dual nationality in the family!

xoxo, Vic

UPDATE: Maman passed her citizenship test and is becoming an American on Aug. 7th in Norfolk, VA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wooohooooo!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Life is good

Am so delighted to hear that Davy will be home today! Life is definitely good..Tom is home from the hospital and recovering slowly but surely...We did the 4 minute shuffle down the hall and back this morning..Believe me that's quite an accomplishment! We appreciate your prayers..Please keep us in them..Welcome home to Davy..What a great day this is for all of you!
Life is good..

Davy's back!!!!

Good morning! Received a call from Davy super early this morning and he is back in the states!!!!! Woohoo! If all goes as planned he will be arriving at Columbia Airport at 2ish pm and will be greeted with humongous hugs and loads of sweet tea :)

Can't wait to see everyone on Friday! Wish it was sooner! xoxoxoxo

UPDATE: Davy switched his ticket and will now be arriving in Charlotte at 11:56am!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hunkly Dumplin's coming home!!!!!

Good morning! Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! So, Davy was supposed to leave a few hours ago, but no suprise he has been delayed several hours and is going stir crazy. He will hopefully be on a plane within the morning, but no gurantee. So Mrs. Harvey please keep your phone nearby as he plans on contacting you when he has a better idea of times. I'm soooooo excited for this weekend! Friday can't come fast enough!

Also, Davy's work was recognized by his superiors these past 4 months that they honored him with an award. I'm not sure the rank of the man who presented it to him, but i do know that he was Davy's commander's commander, which is a pretty big deal! So here is the picture from the ceremony! Pretty cool! I think they are going to miss Hunky Dumplin :)
Lots of love xoxoxoxox

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Jazzy Ro: the newest member of the family

It is my pleasure to introduce to you Miss Jazzy Ro, the newest addition to mine and Phil's family. She is really Phil's puppy. His first, actually. As you can see, she already has him wrapped around her little umm... paw. :)

Lily's been amazingly patient with Jazzy Ro so far. Hopefully this will continue. Any helpful tips on getting the two of them to like each other and behave themselves would be much appreciated.
Love to everyone from all of us in Fuquay!!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Hello to everyone!! As some of you know our computer crashed.
A great big THANKS to Hondo for bringing it back to life. I thought it should be thrown into
the pool but I was out voted once again.
Hope you have a Great Memorial Day Weekend.
We are cleaning patio and painting since gas is $4.00. We decided to do some work around the house.We're looking forward to seeing you next weekend.
Oh Victoria ,Julian said he would teach you to drive a stick shift.He won't make you cry either.
If he could teach Juliana he can teach anyone!!!!!
Mr. Tom is on our Prayer List at Church. Hope he's feeling better.
Will add more pics when Camera comes back from repairs. Charlie had a long 2 weeks,1st the computer crashed,he broke my camera,and then dropped his phone and it had to be replaced.
Sometimes it doesn't pay to get out of to all MMMMMMerry

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Visit time!

Hello hello! Just thought I would let you know that thanks to Mrs. Harvey saying that it was ok for me to come :) I will be in Lexington super late Friday, May 30th, night and leaving Monday, June 2nd, afternoon! and yes Hunky Dumplin will be there too :) Can't wait to see everyone!!! (Anna made a phenominal suggestion of a vineyard picnic)


Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The kitties outside in my pretty yard...

Here's my tea rose bush. Isn't it beautiful? I pruned the stuffing out of it a few months ago and was afraid that it wouldn't come back. However, as you can see, it's doing really well.

Here is Binx and Phil sitting on our porch swing. Phil was pretending to torture the poor kitty, who was a little terrified at being outside.

He soon calmed down, though.

Here's a lily that I didn't even know we had. Isn't it beautiful?

And here are the two kitties behaving themselves... aren't they cute?!?

Monday, May 19, 2008

President Bush

While I sometimes am disappointed in our President, there are many times where I feel he is unjustly criticized. I agree with Dr. Melissa Clouthier from Right Wing News. This was the best few lines from his speech:
Ultimately, to prevail in this struggle, we must offer an alternative to the ideology of the extremists by extending our vision of justice and tolerance and freedom and hope. These values are the self-evident right of all people, of all religions, in all the world because they are a gift from the Almighty God.

Wow. We are certainly blessed to have a man such as him in office these past few years and these next few months...

Prayers for Mr. Tom

Just got this message from Ms. Pat:
Mr. Tom had triple bypass surgery on Wed. May 9..(I retired 2 days early!)..He came home the following Tues..(.have lost all track of time)...He's making
progress slowly but surely...He's weak and in a lot of pain..We're having trouble getting his millions of meds regulated..complicated because of his back condition...

Prayers appreciated,..

Here's a pic of the CopperWolf and I with Mr. Tom and Ms. Pat at our wedding. Please pray for Mr. Tom. I'll update when I hear more news...

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Fred Thompson: Blogging on

I realized several months ago that Fred Thompson would not be our next president, but I did not understand how much we were losing out on until now. Fred Thompson is now blogging at, a conservative news and views site that I visit frequently. His first post is rather amazing; it shows exactly what we'll be missing in Washington the next 4 years, unless McCain decides to have Fred be is V.P. We can only hope...
Here's a taste of what Fred has to say:

First, conservatism is alive and well in America; don’t let anyone tell you differently. And by conservatism, I don’t mean the warmed-over “raise your hand if you believe …” kind of conservatism we see blooming every election cycle. No, I’m speaking of the conservatism grounded in principles based upon enduring truths: an understanding of the importance of human nature in the affairs of individuals and nations. Respect for the lessons of history, the importance of faith and tradition. The understanding that while man is prone to err, he is capable of great things when not subjugated by a too-powerful government. These are the principles that inspired our Founding Fathers, and resulted in a Constitution that delineated the powers of the central government, established checks and balances among the branches of government and further diffused governmental power by a system of Federalism.

Like I said, amazing. Read the rest here. Bookmark the page and visit it often. I have a feeling we'll all benefit from his wisdom in the long days ahead...

h/t Michelle Malkin

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Just ordered Dad's Ticket

The only time dad can come home is June 4 wed. to June 7 Sat. I hope that works for everyone. We may have to meet Davo somewhere. But that's the best he can do. The Holiday weekend was out for him. They would not let him off. So I will still be here. I wish i had some really neat pixs. but alas i do not. I did steal one of davo off of Suzy's fridge. while i was there. We had a great dinner with Phil. and Suzy works with some neat vets. But Sophie had a hard couple of days. She has slept most of the day. hope she sleeps. tonight. Because I am exhausted. Off to bed Love to all of you. See you soon!!!!!!!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Mending the Kitty

Ms. Callie is visiting my vet office for the next little while. We're working hard to fix her mouth. My vets don't believe she has Herpes virus; in fact, they think it's an autoimmune response caused by unknown factors. We're going to be treating her for the rest of this week to see if we can't "fix" her. Hopefully we can. Meanwhile, she's having a grand old time telling all of us techs how to do our job. Everyone thinks she's beautiful, even if she has no problems telling you how she feels.
I'll update you on her condition later this week. And, I'll also update with some more pics.

Davy - last week

Hello hello! Here are some pictures that Davy took last week. The first three are of his ceremony to become a Senior Airman (3 stripes). Woohoo!!!! The man giving him the certificate is a Marine, who Davy says was awesome, and the man in the middle with the greener looking fatigues is another Airman. Those are the new DCUs for the Air Force btw. Then there is another man in a different uniform and beard and he is one of the Australians. Davy said that they were the coolest group of guys! So even though it was icky circumstances I'm glad that they had such a good time together. The last pic Davy looks goofy in :), but you can see him all suited up.

Best of all it seems that my dad's birthday party is pretty much on schedule! So party party time in about 1 week, right before Memorial Day weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Thursday, May 8, 2008

Getting excited!

Hello hello! I am sooo excited that I will hopefully be seeing you in 2ish weeks! Can't believe that the 4 months have passed by already! I'll definately let you know once we have the date. Have barely heard from Davy lately, but overall he is doing well. Very excited about coming home and seeing everyone!

Life for me has been good, but rather busy now. This past weekend I spent 4 days in New York, which was FABULOUS! It was my friend Juliette's niece's Debutant Ball. Carla looked wonderful and it was fun because now that the Plaza's renovations are finished we had it back in the Grand Ball room. My cousin Charles was invited to be my escort and we had such a fun time together. Plus as he was my escort the year I was presented we had a fun time reminissing. We all looked gorgeous in our gowns, updos, and tuxedos! Once I have pictures from that night I'll send you some.

Plus it was wonderful seeing Juliette and her family again. It's been 2 years since I have seen them, which is definately too long! Hopefully one of these days I can go visit them in London :). The weather was amazing the whole time I was there and experiencing Spring again was fabulous! I know I have fantastic weather here all year, but that is more like Summer. Plus I miss NY soooooo much that is was nice being back 'home'. I would really like to move back one day, but we shall see.

Besides NY, my grandmother left yesteday to go back to Paris and she was rather sad, but it was a wonderful trip and it did her a TON of good. My parents are getting ready to leave this week to go back up to Virginia with more stuff, mostly clothing. They have loved being back here too. So I'll be all alone again, but looking soo forward to seeing you all and Hunky Dumplin! :)

Love you much and look forward to hearing more updates from everyone!

Monday, May 5, 2008

All locked up

I'm all locked up.Our computer crashed.I can't get out of this cage.
Hondo has the @%$# to fix. Hope everyone has a Happy Mother's Day




Charlie's prom was at Sapona country club this weekend.He came home AT 4 AM Sunday.They went bowling and to I Hop after and went to Carabas before prom. He cleans up right nice.....
Love to all.