Sunday, May 31, 2009

What is today?

Does anyone know what day it is? ?????
It's Gracie's Birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 year old.
She had toys and a new frisbeeeeee Yes Suzy she brought it back.
She actually ran today,She also had extra meal because it was her birthday.
PS We also took the MOM to the Vineyards with my visitors from WV.
No PICS available at this time. (due to content)

Blast from the past!

Before David turned in one of his folders he showed me the picture they took of him when he signed up for the Air Force! Goodness has he changed :) Anyways as we couldn't keep the picture I took a picture of it to document that stage of his life

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


well, I have finally caught up on a little of the blog! I just wanted to pop in and say hello! hopefully I will be able to post some pics later this weekend! the next 2 weeks are going to be busy for me since i am going to be working full time in ICU and research. my last day in research is june 4! HALLELUJAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am so ready to work 3 days a week unless i want to work extra! poor vala, I guess she'll get used to the new schedule! just means more time with gracie! her foot is healed and they are playing together now that gracie is back from the evil kidnappers! she still has a licking problem......not sure what to do about that! it's a comfort thing like thumb sucking, but none of the bad tasting stuff works! hope everyone is doing well........


My sleepy girls

Aren't they beautiful? :)

Monday, May 18, 2009

For Papa Harvey :)

Who can miss yummy food favorites from America when the base is loaded with amazing yumminess! We have yet to really go out and enjoy suishi (I know that is hard to believe!). The other day David just couldn't resist his A&W Rootbeer float and we had to take a picture. The warm and fuzzies can be seen all over David's face :) Though it was super yummy it doesn't compare with homemade ones!

Miss you all very much, but still loving life here! Can't wait for visitors (the house is waiting impatiently to fill the empty rooms with Harvey craziness, hehe)



Mr. and Mrs. David Harvey
PSC 76 Box 7851
APO AP 96319-0057

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Davo called last night!!!!

About 12am in morning, ugh, we only talked a few, then the connection
was lost. He is fine and Vic too. He starts work today, they will be
getting internet june 2 and will make it easier for them to reach out
and touch!! they love their new house and are using furniture from the
air force waiting on their stuff. What fun it is to be young, but you
don't realize it until you are old, Though I'm still having fun, just
slower fun, Smile and have a good day. xoxoxoxoxoxo I think the 2 of
them are a little homesick. so write them a snail mail if you can.
June 2 is a long way away. i have their address and will find it and
mail. Davo doesn't call me just to shoot the breeze, so I bet they are
missing us. It has been 2 weeks and they have probably done all they
can do for now and have some lag time. ie, homesickness can set it.
love again, will send address when i find it in this pile of papers.
Have to go to Moms now ,can't be late or i will be dog doo.! The Mom ,
Mudder and Momma, aka, peaches or burp

Saturday, May 16, 2009

La Fleur de jour for Victoria












After noted pics from SuzQ,plans were made to extract Grace while the Raleigh Officer slept. A shopping trip to Replacements LTD was the perfect cover for The Mom,MerryMerry,& Uncle J.
After 2 hours shopping it was time to precede to SuzQ's vet office.Uncle J.told her upon arrival to come outside quietly(which is impossible)to take us to the safe house to free Gracie.Instead we went to Ruby Tuesdays and ate lunch .Uncle J sped away in the Volvo(after it was jumped by the awakened Officer .) The Mom and Gracie were safe in the Toyota .Merry Merry drove them to safety once again home where she belongs. at home........what else do you need.......
Love to all XOXOXO...... MM

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Shayla Surgery

Shayla Blue is having her spay surgery this morning. She's really sad because I won't feed her breakfast. I'm afraid she thinks it's because she's been bad, which almost never happens. I just took this pic of her a few days ago. Isn't she beautiful?!?

The girls

Here's some cute pics of the pups. They're doing really well altogether when inside (we're keeping it to pairs outside). As you can see, there is no room for silly humans in my house to sit down. I mean, really, don't you know couches are for dogs? :-D

Monday, May 11, 2009

I miss My Dog!!!!

This is a wonderful place to spend a vacation!!!! I ate my breakfast out of William Sanoma dishes this AM. Though your Dad is full of trash,we are having a great time. Raining today but as I said ,what a nice place to relax and watch it rain.!! Reminds me of Maranatha farm. You can't see another house in any direction. Yes, the barns are 6 times the size of the house, with auto water and runs. What is it with horse-y people? Not complaining, really enjoying. Love to all ! We are really all around the world, I have 3 different time zones saved on my computer, amazing!!. Love and Kisses to all, More Pictures please from all the time zones!!! The Mom, Mudder, and Mama, aka, Peaches

Sunday, May 10, 2009

My new ranch home in Texas

Howdy everybody, I got moved to my new home in Texas. Mom helped (very little) nah she really did help. Everything is OK here and hopefully we have some exciting things going on in the ministry. Will let everyone know when it happens. Here are some pictures (if I can get them on this page. LOVE to all, Dad

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hello from Misawa!!!

Hello hello!!!! David and I are safely in Misawa. It is a nice base and we have been blessed with amazing sunshine, which we hear is very rare in these parts :) David's sponsor is a very nice man from upstate NY. He has been most helpful and kind. Also at the airport we were met by his sponsor and his topish boss, we had been informed that if we hadn't missed our flight the previous day that we would have had at least 10 people greet us! But that is good news because it means that David's new shop is very busy which makes him happy. The only bad thing is that they do a LOT of PT (physical training) which David isn't thrilled about, but that isn't a big deal. Plus I should probably join them :)

The Misawa Inn is quite nice. We have a sitting room, full kitchen, bathroom and bedroom (lots of closet space!). Since we have been here we have been going to meeting after meeting to in-process. As we arrived late though we have to do all the welcome tours next week, but in all honesty it is nice doing it the way we are (as usual we never do things the way everyone else does, hehe). For the tours I think we will be going to a huge fish market, the city of Hachinoche (bigger city about 40 mins away), etc. ALso yesterday we passed our driver's license test and we both passed! So we will be looking at cars to buy now (you can get a 4 wheel drive car for under $6000, the only thing is as we don't put on as much mileage here the cars are old by US standards, but they are good). Funny fact as David has to have his license given to him by his First shirt I get to drive in Japan before him, hahaha lucky me :) (David: I still did better on the test though!)

Today is house hunting day. There are good places available on base, but we REALLY want to live off base and it seems to be quite normal around here (plus the area is small so we are never that far from base). We miss the Japanese people very much. Our time in Tokyo really impressed us as they are all so polite and welcoming. It is nice being on base where we know how to react as it is American, but why be here and not get to know the culture better. So we will let you know what we find. We have found out that we will most likely find a 3 bedroom home (still very small) but that way we have room for you to come visit!

God has really taken care of us and we truly feel at home already.

Well must dash for the first meeting of the day!!! Love you very very very much xoxoxoxoxo