Sunday, May 17, 2009

Davo called last night!!!!

About 12am in morning, ugh, we only talked a few, then the connection
was lost. He is fine and Vic too. He starts work today, they will be
getting internet june 2 and will make it easier for them to reach out
and touch!! they love their new house and are using furniture from the
air force waiting on their stuff. What fun it is to be young, but you
don't realize it until you are old, Though I'm still having fun, just
slower fun, Smile and have a good day. xoxoxoxoxoxo I think the 2 of
them are a little homesick. so write them a snail mail if you can.
June 2 is a long way away. i have their address and will find it and
mail. Davo doesn't call me just to shoot the breeze, so I bet they are
missing us. It has been 2 weeks and they have probably done all they
can do for now and have some lag time. ie, homesickness can set it.
love again, will send address when i find it in this pile of papers.
Have to go to Moms now ,can't be late or i will be dog doo.! The Mom ,
Mudder and Momma, aka, peaches or burp

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