Monday, May 18, 2009

For Papa Harvey :)

Who can miss yummy food favorites from America when the base is loaded with amazing yumminess! We have yet to really go out and enjoy suishi (I know that is hard to believe!). The other day David just couldn't resist his A&W Rootbeer float and we had to take a picture. The warm and fuzzies can be seen all over David's face :) Though it was super yummy it doesn't compare with homemade ones!

Miss you all very much, but still loving life here! Can't wait for visitors (the house is waiting impatiently to fill the empty rooms with Harvey craziness, hehe)


1 comment:

anniegrin said...

Looks like you are squirting rootbeer float out your nose!!!!!! Now that I see it (the float) It makes me want one!

love you guys!