Wednesday, April 30, 2008

YOU WON'T BELIEVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DAVID MET PRINCE WILLIAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ARGHHHHHHHHH! I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooo totally jealous! He happened to be walking to the bathroom at the right time and walked past him on the Prince's way to speak with the British soilders!!!!!!

They even exchanged words!!!!!! A simple hello, but wow!

(if you haven't noticed, i may have a slight crush on Prince William that has been going on since I was 9)

Tuesday, April 29, 2008


Go to to see how to camp!!!
The article was in Blueridge 2008 Travel Guide.
This is the way to camp Queen size bed and own bathroom with hot water....which would feel good after all day on bike. xoxoxo

Just thinking about you!

So two little things that made me think about you :)

1. Suzy and Phil's wedding song playing on my office building's 'musac' station (kinda suprising because 'country' music not really listening to down here)

2. A gorgeous Mercedes yesterday had a large Tanglewood bumper sticker on it! That one made me smile.

Anyways just thinking about you and hope all is well! Can't wait to see you soon! xoxoxo

ps: If the Biltmore isn't too far from you could we go one day? Just saw pictures and it reminded me how absolutely amazingly fantastically gorgeous it is! :)

Monday, April 28, 2008

Long weekend

We spent the Weekend cleaning up yard on Saturday,by burning rest of brush,tilling garden spot,and clearing brush by lower driveway.

Sunday Charlie went to church and we traveled to WV to see Matthew.His birthday is 05/06 and we can't go then so we took his new car seat and potty to him. He now has blond hair.what a change from when he was born. He had black hair.Crystal had her gallbladder removed

Monday and is doing well.It took 2 hours but he finally allowed Julian to pick him up.

I'll be there. Anybody else going with me.

I will need a ride home. A ok on the creeper trail for me!!!!! what fun.!!! and to be at the airport,or the can count on me!! I have his car!!! and Sweet tea in hand!!!! but I do need someone to go with me???any takers???. We sure will have a lot to celebrate. It would really be neat if a lot of us could be there.. I bet we will have to take his car to his base, and lock it up at the gate.??then head to the air port and give him the key.Dumpling will have to let us know where we can go. I can't get on base but they have the parking lot at the guard house. that he can walk to. Just let me know as soon as you can about your dads birthday and the time of the party. I will be there. Love to all!! The Soap and the mom are missing everyone of you today.

Possible plans

Hello everyone! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Mine was super relaxing and got to spend some wonderful time with my family.

As the time nears for Hunky Dumplin ;) to come home I was trying to come up with fun ideas for all of us to get back together. He will have to in-process during operating hours so he won't be able to leave base during the week, but if he makes it home before Memorial Day weekend I thought (only if it would be alright with Mr. and Mrs. Harvey of course) it could all be fun if we could get together in Lexington for the long weekend. If he does happen to be home for Memorial Day weekend would anyone be up for doing the Creeper Trail as it is a 3 day weekend? or have any other fun day trip ideas so we can all do something super fun together? Of course there will have to be the yummiest food involved! Also, if he comes home during the week (he will definately be arriving in Columbia, we can't pick him up in Norfolk) it would be wonderful if someone could meet him at his base. As I have very limited time off I may not be able to come, but I will try. If someone is able to greet him would you please please please hug him with some homemade sweet tea or some McDonald's sweet tea? I know silly request, but i know how absolutly beyond thrilled that would make him :)

Also, just a heads up on May 6th he will officially be allowed to wear his 3rd stripe! He is SUPER EXCITED and very proud about this. When he gets home he would like to celebrate that big occasion. One more reason for party party party time :D!

Anyways, if anyone has any super fun ideas as to what to do for that weekend, if we can all be together, please let us know. Also the second I find out when 'my dad's birthday is' I will make sure to let you know ASAP! as I know Mr. Harvey will need to make travel arrangements also.

Hope all is well. TONS of love!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo

Thursday, April 24, 2008


Hi everyone, we had some lightning, rain and wind last night, but it really wasn't too bad. Everything else is OK, except THE CHRISTIAN RANCHMAN was the wrong size for bulk mail and Ted had to take them to another place to get 1/2 inch cut off so they would take them on bulk rate. Haven't heard anything great, I'll try to get some pic soon. LOVE TO ALL. dad

ANY NEWS???????

Does anyone have any NEWS (not political)? I am sending Davo another package but I want it to be a surprise, so don't tell him.


A MINI PLASTIC LIGHT UP SWORD!!!!!!!(even came with the battery!)

I couldn't resist, I had to get it!!!!!!! At least he is in another country, so he can't beat us up!!!

Also sending more movies, some candy, jerky, cards and squishy plastic worms and bugs!!! Oh, some hand sanitizer and wet ones! I hope he wipes down the potties first!!!

Anyhoo, just thought it was perfect! Now I need to find a cape and some Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle stuff!!

Have a great weekend!!!!!!! do something fun for me-I'm working at Women's and Baptist this weekend :(

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Michael Yon Interview

There's an interview on National Review Online with Michael Yon, the photojournalist I mentioned before. Here's a few of the questions. You should really go over and read the whole thing HERE.

Lopez: How has the Internet changed war reporting?

Yon: It means that instead of getting paid to go to Iraq and get shot, I can do it for free. It also means the sky is the limit on reaching readers worldwide. People from approximately 100 countries come to my site each day.

Lopez: What is al-Qaeda’s view of masculinity and how does it differ from the American military’s?

Yon: Al-Qaeda models a street gang notion of masculinity in which the cruelest, most destructive and bullying are seen as the toughest and most admired. Raping children and murdering their parents is a gang-banger’s way of asserting his masculinity. And a lot of al-Qaeda recruits are young gang members who join up for the money, the drugs, and the guns.

For the American soldier the ideal of masculinity is “protect and serve,” especially the weak, and women and kids. It means killing the bad guys.

When al-Qaeda murderers detonate a bomb in the middle of a crowd of school children, our guys rush the kids to the medics. Then they go kill the terrorists. They are really good at both. They may enjoy hanging out with kids more than killing terrorists, but it’s a close call. Our guys really like killing terrorists.

h/t Right Wing News

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

About 30 more days!!!!!!

Hello hello! So if everything goes as planned it should only be 30 more days!!!! Wooohooo!

Btw, loved your posts Anna, the Zoo definately sounds like too much fun! Haven't been to one in years! and family picnics are always fabulous :)

Here are some pics David just sent me (Blogger is having issues and not letting me post pics so I will email them to you). Some important military person invited certain soldiers to his beach house over three days. Davy was included yesterday and had a really good time. They rode camels, relaxed, ate lots of food, saw falcons (this falcon supposedly freaked out when he was on Davy's arm so his trainer left him on Davy's arm for 10 mins to try to calm the bird down from whatever spooked it, they were most impressed with Davy not freaking out too), etc. He seems to be very happy. He has started to befriend a few higher ups who really like him so that has been awesome for him. Also one piece of machine has been screwing up very badly lately and Davy is the only person who knows anything about it, so he has been super busy trying to figure out the kinks, but at least has it up and running for now. Besides that nothing much, at least not that he could say. Hope you enjoy the pics!

Lots of love xoxoxoxo

Now that I've caught up with everyone.....

Ok, I have done nothing all day except this and screen patients. I really don't care to start now. That's what happens when the boss is away (working from home today). Motivation is very hard to come by on this end.


Work: not great, but tolerable, will have to go back to the unit at some point, if I get into school (have to pay for it somehow, since nursing is not as high profile as Biomath*%&#whatever and I can't figure out how to get it paid for other than tutition reimbursement which the hospital has but the school doesnt. And of course, you have to work at least 25hrs at the hospital to qualify.....) Still work at Women's every two weeks and try to work at Baptist every two weeks, I have to work off hours so that I don't interfere with the hours for my Research job.
So my weekends are pretty much full before I ever plan anything fun.

School: Application status with Stony Brook (NY) is pending until somewhere around Sept. Which would have me starting next summer. Just waiting to send my references/resume/etc. to St Louis U (MO) (the more EXPENSIVE of the two), but I can start there in the fall (08). So we'll see. Somedays I know I'm ready and others I am scared out of my mind and lose all confidence and just know I can't do it. Luckily, neither of these schools require the GRE and since Sue won't take it pretending to be me, I am too much of a scaredy cat (just because thinking about it makes me hyperventilate). I just breakout in a cold sweat. Anyway, that's where that stands.

Neuro: (BRAIN) Went to my neurologist yest. The Lamictal (anti seizure med with preventative qualities for migraines) I take every day (100mg 2 times/day) seems to be working. Has reduced the number of severe headaches. Still have the mild to moderate ones on most days. Luckily he thought that was enough improvement not to increase the lamictal or to change to something else. In January, he told me that if increasing the lamictal didn't help he wanted to try Botox injections. I am not too keen on that. I don't know where they inject it or the side effects, but it doesn't sound fun.

House: Hondo and his mom worked all day yest on our flower beds. We are going to add some kind of bushes/small trees to the right side of the house (not beside the driveway). They also built a little garden on the side of the house by the drive way. It really looks good. The inside is still a disaster (mostly my disaster). It is just overwhelming. I should break it down and do a room at a time, I'd rather just move!!!

Other: Nothing comes to mind for anything else going on. Just tired and want to sleep. I'd also like to take a LONG vacation!!! Who has time for that? At least I do have a little time to spend with Riley and Kaylin.

An Amazing Pic

As you can see, AMAZING.

Need to be there in real life (where ever it is) with bagpipes playing "Amazing Grace".

There is a promise and a blessing in there somewhere. You have to reach out and take them, actively searching your soul for the message from God, but do we really ever take the time?

There are natural blessings around us everyday, we usually miss them because we are too busy to stop and take advantage (I am probably the worst). There is so much truth in "Stop and smell the roses".

Just wanted to share, I bet the first hand experience was breathtaking and spiritual. I don't know where this was taken. I got it in an email.

Love you all.

THE ZOO!!!!!!!

Let me just tell you, it was a ZOO (There were a million people, and boyscouts and girlscouts and other youth programs)!! Saturday, I went to the zoo with Amber and my girls, Riley (5) and Kaylin(almost 2). We took the wagon so they wouldn't have to walk or fight over the stroller.

I have never been so tired. We both pulled the wagon cause 60lbs is a lot for one person to pull. I don't remember the zoo being uphill the whole time, but it is!!! We started on the Africa side and went to the North American side AND BACK--pulling the wagon!!

The girls had a great time. I think we saw all of the animals, except the creepy crawlies and some of the rodents. Everytime Kaylin saw one of the animals that she new their language, she made the sound--monkeys=ohohoh(you get the picture).

Well we got cranky at lunchtime, of course, what female doesn't. And true to my life, we couldn't get lunch!!! The power was out all over the zoo=NO FOOD!!! Except, of course, the hot dog stand selling $4 hot dogs!!! So we had the lunch every kid dreams about--POPCORN AND COTTON CANDY AND LEMONADE!!!!! The girls went from crying to jittery in a hot second. Though, it was funny when Kaylin screamed "MOMMY" in the "I mean business" scream half way up the hill!

We played for a while on the bug playground (to give mommy and me a break). Then off to the polar bears, etc. On the way back, we went to the elephant and rhinos exhibit. Boy, did we get a show!!! We told the girls the elephants were practicing for the circus---but we both felt a little dirty after that exhibit. Kaylin puts one arm up, (like the elephant trunk) when we talk about elephants, so cute!!!

By the time we were heading back around to the first exhibit of the Africa side, Kaylin was so tuckered out, she couldn't help but put on the two year old fuss. She wanted to be carried, but it was another up hill trek, so she had to ride. When we got to that exhibit, the giraffes and zebras were out (they weren't at the beginning) and that was a nice ending. I picked Kaylin up at most exhibits so she could see, so at the end when she was just DYING to be held, I picked her up at the last exhibit and she just rested her head on my shoulder. Every once in a while, she would lift her head up to make sure the giraffes and zebras were still there, and down it would go again.

It was time to go (a total of 5hrs!!!), so we headed down the hill (finally, down hill). Of course had to stop at the gift shop--they were well behaved, considering the amount of time we spent and NO LUNCH. Kaylin was asleep in my arms pretty much right after the giraffes and zebras, so I sat outside with her and the wagon, while Riley (shopping like a woman) picked out her treat and Kaylin's.

Then we began the trek to the car, and guess what, UPHILL!!! Kaylin slept the whole way, so mom pulled the wagon and Riley, and I carried Kaylin. Unfortunately for her, she woke up when we FINALLY (it felt like it took 30min, we had to stop twice) reached the car and I put her in her seat (I'm not talented at that like mom). And off we went.

We stopped at Arby's and got milkshakes. The best milkshake ever!! What a way to top off the nutritious day!! (hey, it was made with ice cream, I think, which is made with milk.) Kaylin's seat has the arm rest across the middle, so with the straw and the cup, she couldn't reach the straw with her mouth, so I rode half-way home with my arm backwards holding her cup so she could at least have a little bit.

Riley was having fun giving herself brain freeze!!! Giggling and yelling "I got brain freeze!" She is the funniest little girl! Great imagination! She holds conversations with her "other personalities" in many different languages!!

And finally back to their house. Hondo was supposed to be there grilling dinner, but was running behind (typical). And off the girls ran to the swings--how I don't know, other than the sugar rush!!! Amber and I both had headaches (probably from the sugar) and were so pooped and achey, we could have laid down and died!!!

Of course, I was the soux chef, once Hondo arrived--but that's ok. We had beer brauts, sour kraut, baked beans, and mac and cheese(kraft shells and cheese). I would have eaten raw horse meat at that point (not really). It was a wonderful dinner!!!

Just before, Kaylin and Riley were running down the walk(overexcited and high on sugar) and Kaylin fell (she still is a little weeble when she runs). Of course it hurt really bad and she had booboos on both knees and on her little lips. Mommy fixed her and then she wanted "Nina" (me) to hold her. She kept saying "My booboo, My booboo, Riley tripped me!". It was very funny, she was so tired, she didn't know which way was up. After some mac and cheese (we had hot dogs for the kids), (Kaylin threw a fit when we put it on her plate, so just mac and cheese for her), the second wind kicked in, and off they went!!!

At about 730p, the bath was started (after the girls made a game of running around in the rain, we were sitting in the garage with the guys, so in and out they went).

Anyway, I went home about that time (I thought my head was going to explode!!!). I was working at "The Baptist" on Sunday, so I took a well needed shower and off to bed I went!

It was a fabulous day. When Davo gets back, we need to get Vic up here, and take a picnic to the Zoo!!!
(i really need to invest in a camera, so i don't have to pull all these pics from the websites, and i can actually record my life experiences!!)

Back to chat

My, it has taken me an hour to catch up on all the posts. For some reason, I couldn't see the blog last week(computer freak out I think). Anyway, glad to see you all are doing well. Glad to hear about Davo, but Vic should move up here, not the other way around. We'll never see either of them again!!!! Anyway, I better get back to work......oh how I love to work!!! Anybody know how to pay bills and not work??? Me neither. If I won the lottery, I would share so none of us would have to work again (if I played the lottery).

Have a Happy Day.

Monday, April 21, 2008

What's for supper?

This is supper.A Rachel Ray Dish
2bunches asparagus cut into 1-2 inch pieces
blanch in boiling H2O, rinse with cold H2O drain
4c bread cubed toasted
2T thyme
1-2t salt
1-2 t black pepper
1 onion thinly sliced
and saute until caramelized
1 1/2 c shredded Gruyere cheese
2-4 slices of deli ham cut thick- cube it
(4 slices=1 lb.)
12 eggs
2c cream
grease 13x9 layer cubed bread ,ham,asparagus & Cheese
whisk eggs,cream,salt,pepper,&thyme pour over rest
Bake uncovered 1 hour in 350 oven Serve with salad or for breakfast. Enjoy!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Super Soph

Anybody want to throw this ball for me??
I'll only chew on 1 side.

Oh come on I need a boy to play with me.

While walking my favorite humans , TheMom,MerryMerry, & Charlie,Iwas looking for a thick juicy solid stick.
I found a stick that coiled and hissed. Mom was scared but I never saw a stick that moves so I wanted to get it. Merry merry said it was a king snake get back. Charlie wanted to kill it but we left it.We had a long walk but the mom made me heel the rest of the trip home. Maybe I'll find a new stick next time. Here's Chain's pic. she didn't get to go for a walk. She's too slow.

Sunday Drive

Wish you were Here ?

When can you come for a picnic?

We'll pack the goodies just let us know.

Oops She all sideways too much wine.



Davy I think I found a stone for Vic's ring????

OOPS maybe not It's the Hope Diamond.

We'll keep looking.

Museum of art West bldg. DC

Here are beautiful paintings from Gallery. I hope you enjoy.

Beautiful Mountains Raffaldini

This is where we went today.Sorry you weren't there.We missed you. The new villa is complete and is wonderful. Love to all.

"The Battle Hymn of the Republic"

Part of the welcoming ceremony for the Pope at the White House included the U.S. Army Chorus singing "The Battle Hymn of the Republic". It's so beautiful. They're very talented. Watch.

h/t Wizbang

Friday, April 18, 2008


Operation Birthday Pic was a huge success! Last night I called Davy the second he got into work and had him open his email so that I could hear his reaction to all the pictures. He loved loved love it! Haven't heard that much happiness in his voice for awhile now :). Then this morning I called again to of course regail him with my amazing singing rendition of Happy Birthday and he was still super happy! So thank you everyone for your pictures, cards and blurbs!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend! Mine will be busy as not only is there a full house, but two cousins are also coming in this weekend :). xoxoxoxox

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Happy 22nd, Davo!!

Happy Birthday, Davy!! We love you and miss you!

P.S. Binx and Boots wanted to let you know that celebrating your birthday without you sure wears a body out. And Lily was glad to have another reason to wear her birthday hat. She really likes it!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The Capitol

Have a great day ! Be Thankful We live in USA!! XOxoxoxoxo

Happy Birthday Dear Dumpling! Happy Birthday to U


Happy Birthday Davy

Just want you to know -You Are Loved, and Missed.Your momma is really proud of you.!Have a wonderful day !!!


Howdy everybody I made it back to Texas OK. I sure did enjoy the visit, I'm missing everybody already. Everything here is OK, too. I wanted to get these pictures on the blog, plus I'm going to send them to Vic, too. Love to all. Dad

The not-so-new politician

I've recently been hearing this ad on radio stations here in Raleigh. Well, as always, it's not exactly true... Here's a USA Today story about it:

"Nothing's changed," Sen. Barack Obama says into the camera, "except now Exxon's making $40 billion a year, and we're paying $3.50 for gas. … I don't take money from oil companies or Washington lobbyists, and I won't let them block change anymore."

Obama's ad, which has been airing in Pennsylvania as the April 22 primary approaches, is technically true but misleading, as non-partisan and Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign have been quick to point out.

It's accurate that Obama doesn't take money from oil companies; neither do his opponents, because corporate contributions are illegal. But Obama, like Clinton and John McCain, has accepted donations from oil and gas company employees — $222,309 in Obama's case from donors from Exxon, Shell, Chevron and others, according to campaign-finance data. Two oil company CEOs have pledged to raise at least $50,000 each as part of Obama's fundraising team.

So, he's a "new" politician, huh? Yeah, right...

Oh, and just so we're clear here. Exxon only makes about 9 cents on the gallon, while the government (federal and state) take around 40 cents per gallon. So, who do we really need to change?

h/t Wizbang and Hot Air

Woohoo! But continued prayers please

Good morning! Soooo happy to hear that you all had a most fantastic weekend! Davy just sent me an email with some very good news! :) His commander has approved his Permissive PCS, which means that now within this coming month we only have to wait for the assignment functional managers to make it happen. So hurdle #1 has been conquered we just need to get over #2. So please continue prayers! it would be phenominal if Davy could move closer!

Hope you have a great wednesday!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dad's back in Texas

I miss him already. He landed safe this am. We had a great time with everybody.We ate and ate, of course! We talked about everything and everybody and laughed and laughed.It was a lot of fun and we missed you if you weren't their. But you were their in our conversations and hearts. 'cause we love ya!!!! Happy Birthday DAVO!!!!I'm as sad as this puppy that you and your dad are not here to celebrate this year. But boy will we celebrate when you get home!!!! Sophie and I need to take a nap now. WE are zapped. 3am is too early for an old woman and her dog to drive interstate 40. Love to all and write I love reading whats up !!!!

Davy's day off

Hello hello! Here are some pics from David's day off this past Friday. He went to the souqs, the local mall and just drove around with buddies. Unfortunately when the got to the mall it was prayer time so all the stores were closed, so no shopping, but at least he got to explore :). There are more pics, but of the scenery. If you would like them let me know and I can email them to you. Unfortunately there is only the one of Davy. The other man is Bridgeford, the city is Doha and there are some pics of his base.

Hope all is well! xoxo


This is our 100th post!! WOW! In the past 100 posts, we've laughed, we've cried, we've oohhed and ahhhed and ahhhed again, we've been totally grossed out, we've wondered how on earth we could be related to these crazy people...heck, some of us either have chosen or are simply trying to become part of this messed up bunch of people. Heaven help them!
Man, oh, man... what's going to happen with the next 100 posts???

"Moment of Truth in Iraq" by Michael Yon

Michael Yon has been over in Iraq as an independent photojournalist, military blogger (milblogger), and essayist since December 2004. His work has helped to tell the real story of what our soldiers are doing for the people of Iraq while they are helping to make us safer. This is his newest book. I really think it is a must-read.       Here is another of his well-known photos.

Also, you will see links to his online magazine to the right and at the bottom of the blog. I'd suggest making it a daily stop. I do.

h/t Michelle Malkin

Monday, April 14, 2008

Birthday present for Davy

Hello hello everyone! Hope all is well and that you had a fantastic weekend! Welcome Home Mr. Harvey! Wish I could have been in NC to see everyone this weekend! Bet you all had tons of fun, can't wait to hear all about it! I have also had quite the homecoming myself. My dad is back in town, my grandmother arrived from France yesterday (and we all thought the last trip would be her last :), pretty resilent 84 year old!), and Maman arrives tonight from France! It will be the first time in 32 years that my grandmother can say welcome to america to my mother, we are all getting quite a kick out of that :)! So full house until the beginning of May!

Anyways, as we unfortunately can not be together for Davy's birthday I was wondering if everyone would like to go into a birthday gift idea for Davy? He has been getting very homesick lately and just not loving it over there anymore. I know how much he loves getting pictures so I was wondering if anyone else would like to take pictures of yourselves holding up Happy Birthday signs or different messages for him and we could flood his account with all these birthday wishes on Friday. If you would like to send them on your own or to me and I can send them, whatever is easiest, but I know he would love it! Plus it's free :) Let me know if you think that sounds like a good idea.

Miss you tons and hope all is well! Can't wait to see you sometime around the end of May!!!!!


Thursday, April 10, 2008

Triad Highland Games

Ok this is my Home Games. If anyone would like to come to watch me throw the Games will be on May 3rd at Bryan Park in Greensboro 8:30 am to 5 pm. You never know...I may be on the news again for it! Information for the Games can be found at


Thnk God it's Thursday

Anyone want any Forsythia? We have plenty to share. Check out my daffodils They have lasted from the week of Easter to now.Another long week we lost 5 patients. I've been to the Funeral Home more times then when I worked at flower shop.