Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Michael Yon Interview

There's an interview on National Review Online with Michael Yon, the photojournalist I mentioned before. Here's a few of the questions. You should really go over and read the whole thing HERE.

Lopez: How has the Internet changed war reporting?

Yon: It means that instead of getting paid to go to Iraq and get shot, I can do it for free. It also means the sky is the limit on reaching readers worldwide. People from approximately 100 countries come to my site each day.

Lopez: What is al-Qaeda’s view of masculinity and how does it differ from the American military’s?

Yon: Al-Qaeda models a street gang notion of masculinity in which the cruelest, most destructive and bullying are seen as the toughest and most admired. Raping children and murdering their parents is a gang-banger’s way of asserting his masculinity. And a lot of al-Qaeda recruits are young gang members who join up for the money, the drugs, and the guns.

For the American soldier the ideal of masculinity is “protect and serve,” especially the weak, and women and kids. It means killing the bad guys.

When al-Qaeda murderers detonate a bomb in the middle of a crowd of school children, our guys rush the kids to the medics. Then they go kill the terrorists. They are really good at both. They may enjoy hanging out with kids more than killing terrorists, but it’s a close call. Our guys really like killing terrorists.

h/t Right Wing News

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anniegrin said...

sue, very interesting stuff, but what's going on with you and phil is more interesting....politics are important, but politicians are ALL LIARS--so there really is not TRUTH out there to be heard/read (politics wise). So, my point is everyone has a different opinion of the political truth--so we just have to look for the LESSER EVIL in politians. Don't put all your faith in what someone else says or writes, you can say anything you want and claim it is the truth and so can the person sitting next to you with a different view. We all have voices we want to be heard, however, there is a need for different opinions--just tired of reading other peoples........