Monday, April 28, 2008

Possible plans

Hello everyone! Hope you had a wonderful weekend! Mine was super relaxing and got to spend some wonderful time with my family.

As the time nears for Hunky Dumplin ;) to come home I was trying to come up with fun ideas for all of us to get back together. He will have to in-process during operating hours so he won't be able to leave base during the week, but if he makes it home before Memorial Day weekend I thought (only if it would be alright with Mr. and Mrs. Harvey of course) it could all be fun if we could get together in Lexington for the long weekend. If he does happen to be home for Memorial Day weekend would anyone be up for doing the Creeper Trail as it is a 3 day weekend? or have any other fun day trip ideas so we can all do something super fun together? Of course there will have to be the yummiest food involved! Also, if he comes home during the week (he will definately be arriving in Columbia, we can't pick him up in Norfolk) it would be wonderful if someone could meet him at his base. As I have very limited time off I may not be able to come, but I will try. If someone is able to greet him would you please please please hug him with some homemade sweet tea or some McDonald's sweet tea? I know silly request, but i know how absolutly beyond thrilled that would make him :)

Also, just a heads up on May 6th he will officially be allowed to wear his 3rd stripe! He is SUPER EXCITED and very proud about this. When he gets home he would like to celebrate that big occasion. One more reason for party party party time :D!

Anyways, if anyone has any super fun ideas as to what to do for that weekend, if we can all be together, please let us know. Also the second I find out when 'my dad's birthday is' I will make sure to let you know ASAP! as I know Mr. Harvey will need to make travel arrangements also.

Hope all is well. TONS of love!!!!!!!!!! xoxoxo

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