Thursday, April 10, 2008

"Tired of Pressing 1 for English?"...

From ProEnglish

Please co-sponsor S. 2719 to repeal Exec. Order 13166
Urge your Senators to repeal this multilingual mandate!

Fed up with “Press 1 for English?”

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Dole (R-NC) is trying to do something about it.

She has introduced a bill, S. 2719, to repeal Presidential Executive Order 13166, which forces government offices and federal contractors to provide services in multiple languages.

The order – which was never debated or approved by Congress -- is an attempt by government bureaucrats to force multilingualism on the American people without their consent.

The Office of Management and Budget estimates it already costs taxpayers billions of dollars annually. When fully implemented, the cost will be astronomical.

Thought everyone would like to sign this petition. I'm so glad Sen. Dole is doing this. Hopefully this will go through. Go here to sign the petition.

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