Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Just thinking about you!

So two little things that made me think about you :)

1. Suzy and Phil's wedding song playing on my office building's 'musac' station (kinda suprising because 'country' music not really listening to down here)

2. A gorgeous Mercedes yesterday had a large Tanglewood bumper sticker on it! That one made me smile.

Anyways just thinking about you and hope all is well! Can't wait to see you soon! xoxoxo

ps: If the Biltmore isn't too far from you could we go one day? Just saw pictures and it reminded me how absolutely amazingly fantastically gorgeous it is! :)


anniegrin said...

I know I was there, but what is their wedding song??????

Victoria said...

Phil got lucky and never had to dance, but they do have one by Big & Rich. I forgot the name though, oops :)

merrymerry said...

Biltmore is about 2 hrs from Winston Salem and it is around 42.00 admission. The peak flower season is about right now for tulips,then azeleas,then the roses are in bloom the last 2 weeks in May.It's one of my favorite place to go. When I am older I'll work there doing something maybe assist with ther greenhouse. Hope to see you soon

The Mom said...

what constitutes for older??how much older do you have to get??hehehehe