Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Now that I've caught up with everyone.....

Ok, I have done nothing all day except this and screen patients. I really don't care to start now. That's what happens when the boss is away (working from home today). Motivation is very hard to come by on this end.


Work: not great, but tolerable, will have to go back to the unit at some point, if I get into school (have to pay for it somehow, since nursing is not as high profile as Biomath*%&#whatever and I can't figure out how to get it paid for other than tutition reimbursement which the hospital has but the school doesnt. And of course, you have to work at least 25hrs at the hospital to qualify.....) Still work at Women's every two weeks and try to work at Baptist every two weeks, I have to work off hours so that I don't interfere with the hours for my Research job.
So my weekends are pretty much full before I ever plan anything fun.

School: Application status with Stony Brook (NY) is pending until somewhere around Sept. Which would have me starting next summer. Just waiting to send my references/resume/etc. to St Louis U (MO) (the more EXPENSIVE of the two), but I can start there in the fall (08). So we'll see. Somedays I know I'm ready and others I am scared out of my mind and lose all confidence and just know I can't do it. Luckily, neither of these schools require the GRE and since Sue won't take it pretending to be me, I am too much of a scaredy cat (just because thinking about it makes me hyperventilate). I just breakout in a cold sweat. Anyway, that's where that stands.

Neuro: (BRAIN) Went to my neurologist yest. The Lamictal (anti seizure med with preventative qualities for migraines) I take every day (100mg 2 times/day) seems to be working. Has reduced the number of severe headaches. Still have the mild to moderate ones on most days. Luckily he thought that was enough improvement not to increase the lamictal or to change to something else. In January, he told me that if increasing the lamictal didn't help he wanted to try Botox injections. I am not too keen on that. I don't know where they inject it or the side effects, but it doesn't sound fun.

House: Hondo and his mom worked all day yest on our flower beds. We are going to add some kind of bushes/small trees to the right side of the house (not beside the driveway). They also built a little garden on the side of the house by the drive way. It really looks good. The inside is still a disaster (mostly my disaster). It is just overwhelming. I should break it down and do a room at a time, I'd rather just move!!!

Other: Nothing comes to mind for anything else going on. Just tired and want to sleep. I'd also like to take a LONG vacation!!! Who has time for that? At least I do have a little time to spend with Riley and Kaylin.

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merrymerry said...

Ok let's stop a minute. Decide what YOU want to do,
Deep breathe,relax,SLEEP,then the HA will decrease.I love your face don't freeze it with botox.
Make more play dates with little people.this will decrease your stress.
If you dislike the research stop,go back to what you know and do well.The group your working with has not been very helpful to you.Will they give an excellent reference?I know 2 people that could not get hired after they worked with the woman Dr. be careful.Some will not orient you well so they can find reasons to let you go.
Trust your Gut Feeling.Then make decisions. xoxox M
Next time call me I Love the Zoo
and I like little people too.