Tuesday, April 22, 2008

About 30 more days!!!!!!

Hello hello! So if everything goes as planned it should only be 30 more days!!!! Wooohooo!

Btw, loved your posts Anna, the Zoo definately sounds like too much fun! Haven't been to one in years! and family picnics are always fabulous :)

Here are some pics David just sent me (Blogger is having issues and not letting me post pics so I will email them to you). Some important military person invited certain soldiers to his beach house over three days. Davy was included yesterday and had a really good time. They rode camels, relaxed, ate lots of food, saw falcons (this falcon supposedly freaked out when he was on Davy's arm so his trainer left him on Davy's arm for 10 mins to try to calm the bird down from whatever spooked it, they were most impressed with Davy not freaking out too), etc. He seems to be very happy. He has started to befriend a few higher ups who really like him so that has been awesome for him. Also one piece of machine has been screwing up very badly lately and Davy is the only person who knows anything about it, so he has been super busy trying to figure out the kinks, but at least has it up and running for now. Besides that nothing much, at least not that he could say. Hope you enjoy the pics!

Lots of love xoxoxoxo


anniegrin said...

Please send the pics via email!! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
For some reason we all love that little turd!!

merrymerry said...

The pic were great!!! Bird man lives. Another talent Davy has. Beautiful crazy falcon.