Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Mom's Chicken Salad

So I just made The Mom's chicken salad recipe for Davy and he loved it :) The only suggestion I as given was to toast the bread more and add a bit more mayo. I know it will never be as yummy as if made by his mommy, but at least it is a close second! Thank you for sharing :)

Nothing too new here just trying to keep cool. Thankfully we live off base and have an ac unit! I just joined a book club (first time) which should be quite fun. I'm happy with most of the books picked. Also no word on my job status yet. My contract will be renewed, but just not sure if that is the place to stay. So prayers for guidance!

David is going back to school!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He is planning on getting a B.S. of Computer Science. Soo excited :)

Miss you all and hope all is well xoxoxoxoxox