Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloweeen!


Hope it's a fun one filled with only treats no tricks


Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Salt Lake City and update....

WELL, Let me tell you...... (no pics cause i'm poor and have no camera)

Salt Lake City (SLC) (Mormon Capital of the World)
0430: up, shower, say goodbye to Vala :(, to the airport.
0700: on the plane to Atlanta, of course my gate is at the VERY END of the terminal
0840: Arrive in Atlanta, bumpy landing, tram to the complete other side to the airport(luckily I had about two hours), find breakfast and coffee (Starbucks!!!), pee
1130: finally on the plane to SLC after a 40 min delay for rain???, sat next to a cute old man in a 3 piece suit! (you never see those anymore), my seat was near the back of the plane (potty) and someone(s) had a sick tummy (very stinky, in waves) and since it was a long flight (almost 4 hrs) they had alcohol for purchase and a man somewhere behind me kept getting louder and louder.....
1340 MDT: Finally at SLC. My checked bag actually made it! It was SOAKED from the rain in Atlanta. Find the driver, I was hoping for a limo, no such luck. They finally gather the other 2 passengers and off we go. The sky is so big there. The Mountains are really beautiful, but they are just rock, no trees.
1430: Arrive at the HILTON in downtown, check in at the welcome desk and then check in. pretty nice room (I was hoping for a jacuzzi and a complementary bathrobe, no such luck). A view of the office building next door.... try to find a little snack, settled for the $2 yogurt (4oz!) unpacked a little and took a nap. then took a nice long hot shower!!!
1830: Off to one of the ballrooms for dinner; salad, little chicken nuggets, texas barbecue brisket, fresh fruit (the blackberries were huge and so sweet), and cheesecake.
2100: Finally able to slip away and off for another shower and bed!

0630: After killing the alarm and going back to sleep I finally got up and to the shower, I had to Iron (YUCK) my clothes.....
0730: down for breakfast: scrambled eggs, bacon, fresh fruit, OJ
0800-1630: Session, informative and boring at the same time. Lunch at 1200: salad with mandarin oranges, jicama, and grapefruit vinagarette (very yummy), marinated veggies, refried beans with cheese and cilantro, chicken enchiladas, fresh fruit and a puffy cinnamon sugar pastry.
1630-1830: small walk (about 4 blocks total-didn't want to get lost!) and then a nap.
1830-2130: dinner with the group at the Naked Fish, a Japanesse restaurant (not like arigatos or the cheaper ones in strip malls), We sat in the back of the restuarant at tables on the floor and had to take our shoes off before stepping on the platform to the tables. Menu: Appetizers:California roll, Spicy Scallop roll, Pork dumplings, Edamame (steamed soy beans, you eat the beans on the inside, not the husk), another roll that was good, I just can't remember the name, Entree choices: Japanesse noodles with veggies or beef, chicken teriyaki, salmon, Dessert: strawberry, vanilla or green tea ice cream. The appetizers were absolutely awesome. My table ate 2 plates of the pork dumplings--We were full before the entrees, so no one really ate much at that point.
2200: I think I took another shower and off to sleep while watching a stupid movie on the Hallmark channel, I think I only saw 10-20 minutes of it.

0700: I hit the alarm too many times, but was so tired I didn't care if I ate breakfast or not. Shower, Iron again, breakfast: eggs bennedict, bacon, fresh fruit and a bagel
0800-1000: Session. Thankfully we ended earlier than planned, I went back to the room and rested for a bit (headache, lack of sleep and sinuses), changed clothes
1100-1500: Off in Downtown, saw the Mormon temple and temple square. Walked All OVER. went to the Gateway (like friendly) walked it twice and then back through downtown looking for somewhere to eat dinner (everyone else had a plane to catch Sunday pm).
1500-1730: a nap, I was supper tired after the morning session and my walk (it had to be about 10 or so miles).
1730-1930: tried to find this one restaurant (italian) but couldn't find it, so I actually stumbled on another one, VERY GOOD, Cafe Molise. I ordered dessert to go, Tiramisu, fabulous, but I couldn't finish it (kinda bloated from all the salt the night before).
1930-2200: packed and then repacked, shower and off to bed.

0530-0630: Kinda slept through my alarm, up, showered, final packing and down to checkout and catch shuttle to the airport.
0715: HOLY MOLEY! The place was packed, people everywhere. I was finally able to check in and check my bag. I put my laptop in the checked bag and it was over weight and they wanted $96! I just took the laptop out and lugged it with me. My ticket said "seat not assigned" and I geared up for a fight!
0800: at the gate, the lady at the desk told me they would call me up later, departure time at 0840. I was starting to fume... The announcement kept saying that the plane was severely overbooked and needed people to switch.... (The big plane needed maintenance or something and the switched to a smaller plane at last minute, so there were about 30 people with no seats)
My name flashed on the screen with a seat assignment (38E). Lucky, lucky me, the absolute last row, next to the potty, supposed to be a window, but I didn't have one, and right on top of the engine, but at least I had a seat. No drunk guys this time, but the potty was super busy!!! In and out, in and out. A lady across the aisle told the flight attendant that she was feeling very ill (before take off), luckily she didn't barf! 3 hours of people going to the potty! I must have a super bladder or something. I wanted to scream "Can't you people hold it?????"
1400(EST): Cincinnati. Overcast and cold. Next flight at 1515. Had to hop on a bus to go to the other side of the airport. I found my gate around 1420. I didn't get a boarding pass for Greensboro flight in SLC, so I asked for one at the gate, luckily they had me down in a seat. Unfortunately, this was smaller "regional" plane and it was almost full. I was still close to the back, but thankfully not next to the potty. There was a family with a 4yr little girl and 14mo twin boys. The little girl talked not stop, but she wasn't loud (thank goodness). The two boys were absolutely adorable, one in green and one in blue. About 20-30 minutes from Greensboro, the one closest to me pooped! I thought I was going to die in that small little plane! Just regular ol baby poo, but with no ventilation......And then we landed!!!!! We were at the very end of the terminal (as always for me). My legs were so shaky, I wasn't sure I was going to make it to baggage claim! Just super tired. My bag actually made it back to Greensboro and mom took me home!
1730: Vala went bananas! She was so happy to see me! She's such a sweetie! After the crazy puppy time in the back yard, we cuddled on the couch (and she chewed my stinking airport feet!)
2030: An absolutely wonderful HOT shower and off to bed!!!!!

SLC is doing major reconstruction of downtown. There weren't a lot of downtown shops, there were alot of homeless people though. The air has NO MOISTURE at all, my sinuses have been killing me since Friday and my nose has been bleeding a little. Ok trip, nice to see somewhere new, nice to actually have time to see the area a little. Hate flying coach and absolutely would prefer to go somewhere and not have a conference to attend all day and go with family/friends. Somebody turned on the air conditioner on the east coast! It's freezing! It was about 60-65 during the day in SLC and it is so much colder here! I finally broke down and turned the heat on last night!

Staying in research at least through next semester. I'm not happy about it, but it will give the boss time to find someone else, though I am getting a raise out of it. School is ok, I need to spend more time on it, I'm just not doing so good at managing my time. I'm going to have to get better at it......Oh, SICK and TIRED of POLITICIANS, POLITICS, and the ELECTION. It's all a bunch of huey from old stinky rich people anyway. I don't think any single person in politics has any integrity or mean what they say. And the freaking commercials!!!! Give me a break! Sorry your birthday is on Election day Mom! I guess you can say that your birthday is really and truly a national day!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nothing new here either

Just Knit Knit Knit. And the right weather too! Burr!! 39 here this AM. Cold Puppy's !! The wind is pretty fierce too. Going out with Aunt Merry tonight for dinner to support Charlies High school. Wish I had something interesting to tell. But not a thing. Victoria, have fun at the college fair!! Anna went to Salt lake Utah this past weekend, Waiting to hear the scoop. Suzy spent Sun. with me and of course we ate good. (it's all about the food) and had a good visit. but I should say the pups had a huge day. Remember when you had so much fun when you were a kid that you were too tired to eat your dinner. that's how much fun Grace had. HeHe love to you all and Miss ya

Representing Sweet Briar

Hello hello from very chilly Palm Beach! This morning we were greeted to 53 degree weather which is unheard of for Florida in October, brrrrrr! Plus no leaves turning colors, just palm trees, so the cold weather just doesn't fit :)

Anyways I hope all is well with everyone! Nothing too exciting to report from me except that I will be at two college fairs this week representing Sweet Briar, woohoo Go Pink & Green! They won't know what hit them, hehehe.

Lots of love!!!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Sarah Palin on Saturday Night Live

Here's a clip of Sarah Palin (the real one) on Saturday Night Live. It's pretty awesome, and got them the highest ratings in 14 years. :)

h/t IMAO

Friday, October 17, 2008

Praise God!

Major thank yous from Kassie and her family for all the prayers!!!!! Karin had her surgery this morning and everything worked out wonderfully! She is resting and time to start the recuperation.

Lots of love!!!!!!!!!!!!!! xoxo

Sarah Palin is so amazing!

Watch this: (from Wizbang)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

No stress over the polls...

Just wanted to make sure no one was paying too much attention to the polls. Here's a part of some analysis from a hobby-statistician that makes a lot of sense. Here's the main gist of the post:

As you can see, there is no clear consensus from these results. Taken altogether, the 50 states project an Obama lead of 0.99 points right now. When the range of skewing is considered, the range could be anywhere nationally from Obama by 3.05 to McCain by 4.71 points.

Once again, the indications from the math are that the race is both close and fluid.

Whew... great news, isn't it? Here's the whole article.

Great news! Obama wants to "spread the wealth"...

Check out Obama's answer to a plumber who said: "“Your new tax plan is going to tax me more. Isn’t it?”

His answer:“It’s not that I want to punish your success, I just want to make sure that everybody that is behind you, that they have a chance for success too. I think that when you spread the wealth around, it’s good for everybody.”

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

What did you do this Weekend?

We went to 2 band Festivals. LHS placed 3rd at the 1st one but was Grand Champion at Catawba in Salisbury NC. Check out the video on Charlie is on the 50th yard.line in most formations, look for his glasses that transition into sunglasses.The program is Roanoke They Lost Colony.In the pics Wesley is directing,Charlie on the 50th,and Tamer is on drums.

This is why I can't do the Weekend before Thanksgiving We have competition and Parade on 22nd. xoxo MM

Sarah Palin ROCKS!!!

Watch this Fox Report. Pay attention to the very end, where Sarah Palin tells an anti-war protester that he's lucky her son is in Iraq fighting for his freedom to interrupt her speech. Can't get much more awesomer than that!!

New Poll

Hey everyone! So, I added a new poll to the right side of the page. Let me know what you think! :)

Monday, October 6, 2008


Happy monday!!!!!! Hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend! Mine was super busy, but fun.

On Friday M.S. Pat and I had a fun catching up conversation. She sounded very happy and is as fabulous as ever! She and Mr. Tom are home. Mr. Tom is going to cardiac rehabilitation and at first wasn't too thrilled about it, but now really likes it and is trying to out do himself. It is working so well that he is fishing again and of course going without M.S. Pat who if she did go would break out the parasole and portable DVD player :) The funny thing is that we could all definately picture that! They have also bought an eliptical machine for their home so that they can keep up their svelt figures. Next thing we know they will be running circles around us! M.S. Pat was also telling me that one of her grandsons just spent the summer in Japan and loved it! So that was fun to hear and who knows as he liked it so much we may be coming for a visit

So that is all the fun news I have. The France wedding is taking shape. It has been working out so smoothly! Just continualy looking for a wedding dress, but as it will be a little chilly in April it is hard to find something that will be warm enough as most dresses sold now are all strapless. Though I will suffer through and just have to try every dress out there :)

Hope all is well and that you have a great week! xoxo

Thursday, October 2, 2008


Thursday is not good for Anna or Juliana both working.Do I hear Saturday or Sunday following Thanks Giving? Will Vic be able to come on the Weekend? Every one respond please, xoxo MM