Monday, October 6, 2008


Happy monday!!!!!! Hope everyone had a fantabulous weekend! Mine was super busy, but fun.

On Friday M.S. Pat and I had a fun catching up conversation. She sounded very happy and is as fabulous as ever! She and Mr. Tom are home. Mr. Tom is going to cardiac rehabilitation and at first wasn't too thrilled about it, but now really likes it and is trying to out do himself. It is working so well that he is fishing again and of course going without M.S. Pat who if she did go would break out the parasole and portable DVD player :) The funny thing is that we could all definately picture that! They have also bought an eliptical machine for their home so that they can keep up their svelt figures. Next thing we know they will be running circles around us! M.S. Pat was also telling me that one of her grandsons just spent the summer in Japan and loved it! So that was fun to hear and who knows as he liked it so much we may be coming for a visit

So that is all the fun news I have. The France wedding is taking shape. It has been working out so smoothly! Just continualy looking for a wedding dress, but as it will be a little chilly in April it is hard to find something that will be warm enough as most dresses sold now are all strapless. Though I will suffer through and just have to try every dress out there :)

Hope all is well and that you have a great week! xoxo


The Mom said...

so great to hear all the great news!!! all is well here too.Gracie and I will have to start walking again to keep up with the crowd !!!love to all

Sque said...

Great news!!