Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nothing new here either

Just Knit Knit Knit. And the right weather too! Burr!! 39 here this AM. Cold Puppy's !! The wind is pretty fierce too. Going out with Aunt Merry tonight for dinner to support Charlies High school. Wish I had something interesting to tell. But not a thing. Victoria, have fun at the college fair!! Anna went to Salt lake Utah this past weekend, Waiting to hear the scoop. Suzy spent Sun. with me and of course we ate good. (it's all about the food) and had a good visit. but I should say the pups had a huge day. Remember when you had so much fun when you were a kid that you were too tired to eat your dinner. that's how much fun Grace had. HeHe love to you all and Miss ya

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