Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Prayer requests: UPDATED!!

UPDATE: CopperWolf's grandmother is out of the hospital and back home. None of the tests were definitive, so the doctors don't really know what happened, but she seems much better. Thanks for the prayers!!

Today at school, one of the girls in my biomath class told me her dad is in the hospital. He's 56 and had a heart attack last fall, then had a quadruple bypass. They also put 3 stents in. Well, they found out this weekend that one of those stents has migrated and is no longer doing its job. Also, apparently his arteries are just naturally very small, so the doctors have told him and his family there is nothing they can do. He's working on getting his affairs in order, and, since my friend is an only child, he's relying on her to take care of most things so her mom doesn't have to. She's obviously not handling it well but is trying her best to be strong for her mom and dad. I'm asking everyone to pray for her family. Her name is Vanessa, and her dad's name is Richard. I don't have the answers, but God does.
Also, we found out this afternoon that CopperWolf's grandmother, Barbara, is in the hospital. She apparently fainted as she got out of the shower this morning. They don't know why she fainted, so they're keeping her overnight for observation. Please also pray for her and CopperWolf's family.
Thanks, everyone!

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