Friday, April 4, 2008


Hello everyone! Before I start let me say again: Ooh la la Mr. Harvey! You make a very handsome cowboy!

Anyways this message is from Davy and myself. As some of you may know Davy has wanted to leave Shaw AFB. He figured out a 'loop hole' that if he pays for his move and his base is over maned and the other base is under maned that he has the possibility of being moved without having to re-enlist, that is if his commander even initially approves it. Btw his superiors hadn't ever heard of this so Davy is teaching everyone something ;).Well when Suzy was visiting Davy decided to submit the paperwork to be moved to Patrick AFB on the east coast of Florida even though every time he had looked it up they had been overly over maned. Well right after he submitted his paperwork he looked up the maning rate at Patrick and they are only 50% maned (which NEVER happens because it is such a prime location) and Shaw is 200+% over maned! So needless to say the two of got very excited that there may be a shread of chance to be 2 hours apart! Things happened at Shaw and his commander was gone so we were both worried that his request was overlooked or canceled, but come to find out that one of Davy's shop mates emailed him saying how lucky he was because she wanted to go to Patrick. Anyways we know that this is being worked on and Davy spoke with the commander's assistant who said she was working on it personally. So he asked, and I second this request, that everyone add to their prayers that Davy would have the opportunity to move. Plus this base is mostly maned with high ranking officials and is near some great schools so needless to say besides our 'selfish' reason of wanted to be nearer on anther, it could really bring Davy some amazing opportunities!

Lots of love! Vic and Davy


merrymerry said...

If it's a God thing it will work out. Also things will just fall into place easily .You will not understand how it will work until after the fact. It is how I know I am suppose to be a nurse.It all fell into place easily.
If you have a hard time maybe you need to rethink a new move.
Prayers for smooth sailing....XO M

The Mom said...

Ooh la la from me too!!this would be perfect !!!! got my fingers crossed and on my knees!! believe it or not !!!love much!!!