Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Craziness at work

Hello hello everyone! Hope all is well and that you are having a great Tuesday.

Life at the office calmed down a bit after last week, but today escalated incredibly. My ex-immediate boss, Tim, was having an amicable parting with the company and was supposed to be here for 2 more weeks. Well that all changed this morning. Supposedly he did something terrible yesterday and was banned from our building before 9am. According to the COO he was incredibly threatening so now we have 2 plain clothed cops in our office 'guarding' the entrances. They wouldn't even let him take his personal belongings home so I assume that they will box it up and send it to him. So crazy times all around. Though the COO did talk to my group today and we are all 'safe', they just plan on dispersing us and placing us in different departments. So we shall see where I end up. We have all been rather busy working on different projects so that is comforting. Anyways I am hoping to stay with the company just a bit longer. It is becoming such a huge contender in the industry that I hopefully will get some amazing contacts for future jobs no matter where I end up living. Plus the CEO has taken on a role of 'mentor' and is trying to teach me lots of different things. So thank you very much for your prayers. Though I think David's are that I am no longer with them :).

On a fun note one of my best friends from Junior Year in France who has been living in Miami for two years is moving to Chicago. So on his way home he will make the incredible two hour trek to Palm Beach to stay with me tonight. It has been months since I have seen him so it will be fun catching up while at dinner. Then tomorrow he will go home to Indiana first and then move to Chicago. Should be lots of fun!

Can't think of too much else. Have spoken with Davy and he seems to be doing well. I usually get him when he is rather tired, but he sounds happy overall. I know he spoke with Mr. and Mrs. Harvey today and that made him super happy. Anna I am trying my all time best to remind him to call you during decent hours, but as we all know how hard it is to get him to do something :). You will just have to come visit me and then you will definately get him ;), right Suzella?! If any of you have GMail accounts and can use the chat he is on most days from 11pm to 11am our time. That is the best and really only way of contacting him. Hmmm, what else about him. He hasn't been on any more fun trips. It is his birthday soon so I am going to try to send him a package. Not sure what to send him besides Doritos Cooler Ranch and Extra Flavor Goldfish :). He is rather hard to shop for so if anyone has any good ideas please let me know. And the only thing besides that is that you all have a wonderfully amazing son, brother, and nephew :) (Don't gag too much ladies)!

Lots of love! xoxoxo, Vic

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The Mom said...

He likes Carmelo candy bars and you can only get them in convenient stores That's why i never get them.love to you!