Tuesday, April 22, 2008

THE ZOO!!!!!!!

Let me just tell you, it was a ZOO (There were a million people, and boyscouts and girlscouts and other youth programs)!! Saturday, I went to the zoo with Amber and my girls, Riley (5) and Kaylin(almost 2). We took the wagon so they wouldn't have to walk or fight over the stroller.

I have never been so tired. We both pulled the wagon cause 60lbs is a lot for one person to pull. I don't remember the zoo being uphill the whole time, but it is!!! We started on the Africa side and went to the North American side AND BACK--pulling the wagon!!

The girls had a great time. I think we saw all of the animals, except the creepy crawlies and some of the rodents. Everytime Kaylin saw one of the animals that she new their language, she made the sound--monkeys=ohohoh(you get the picture).

Well we got cranky at lunchtime, of course, what female doesn't. And true to my life, we couldn't get lunch!!! The power was out all over the zoo=NO FOOD!!! Except, of course, the hot dog stand selling $4 hot dogs!!! So we had the lunch every kid dreams about--POPCORN AND COTTON CANDY AND LEMONADE!!!!! The girls went from crying to jittery in a hot second. Though, it was funny when Kaylin screamed "MOMMY" in the "I mean business" scream half way up the hill!

We played for a while on the bug playground (to give mommy and me a break). Then off to the polar bears, etc. On the way back, we went to the elephant and rhinos exhibit. Boy, did we get a show!!! We told the girls the elephants were practicing for the circus---but we both felt a little dirty after that exhibit. Kaylin puts one arm up, (like the elephant trunk) when we talk about elephants, so cute!!!

By the time we were heading back around to the first exhibit of the Africa side, Kaylin was so tuckered out, she couldn't help but put on the two year old fuss. She wanted to be carried, but it was another up hill trek, so she had to ride. When we got to that exhibit, the giraffes and zebras were out (they weren't at the beginning) and that was a nice ending. I picked Kaylin up at most exhibits so she could see, so at the end when she was just DYING to be held, I picked her up at the last exhibit and she just rested her head on my shoulder. Every once in a while, she would lift her head up to make sure the giraffes and zebras were still there, and down it would go again.

It was time to go (a total of 5hrs!!!), so we headed down the hill (finally, down hill). Of course had to stop at the gift shop--they were well behaved, considering the amount of time we spent and NO LUNCH. Kaylin was asleep in my arms pretty much right after the giraffes and zebras, so I sat outside with her and the wagon, while Riley (shopping like a woman) picked out her treat and Kaylin's.

Then we began the trek to the car, and guess what, UPHILL!!! Kaylin slept the whole way, so mom pulled the wagon and Riley, and I carried Kaylin. Unfortunately for her, she woke up when we FINALLY (it felt like it took 30min, we had to stop twice) reached the car and I put her in her seat (I'm not talented at that like mom). And off we went.

We stopped at Arby's and got milkshakes. The best milkshake ever!! What a way to top off the nutritious day!! (hey, it was made with ice cream, I think, which is made with milk.) Kaylin's seat has the arm rest across the middle, so with the straw and the cup, she couldn't reach the straw with her mouth, so I rode half-way home with my arm backwards holding her cup so she could at least have a little bit.

Riley was having fun giving herself brain freeze!!! Giggling and yelling "I got brain freeze!" She is the funniest little girl! Great imagination! She holds conversations with her "other personalities" in many different languages!!

And finally back to their house. Hondo was supposed to be there grilling dinner, but was running behind (typical). And off the girls ran to the swings--how I don't know, other than the sugar rush!!! Amber and I both had headaches (probably from the sugar) and were so pooped and achey, we could have laid down and died!!!

Of course, I was the soux chef, once Hondo arrived--but that's ok. We had beer brauts, sour kraut, baked beans, and mac and cheese(kraft shells and cheese). I would have eaten raw horse meat at that point (not really). It was a wonderful dinner!!!

Just before, Kaylin and Riley were running down the walk(overexcited and high on sugar) and Kaylin fell (she still is a little weeble when she runs). Of course it hurt really bad and she had booboos on both knees and on her little lips. Mommy fixed her and then she wanted "Nina" (me) to hold her. She kept saying "My booboo, My booboo, Riley tripped me!". It was very funny, she was so tired, she didn't know which way was up. After some mac and cheese (we had hot dogs for the kids), (Kaylin threw a fit when we put it on her plate, so just mac and cheese for her), the second wind kicked in, and off they went!!!

At about 730p, the bath was started (after the girls made a game of running around in the rain, we were sitting in the garage with the guys, so in and out they went).

Anyway, I went home about that time (I thought my head was going to explode!!!). I was working at "The Baptist" on Sunday, so I took a well needed shower and off to bed I went!

It was a fabulous day. When Davo gets back, we need to get Vic up here, and take a picnic to the Zoo!!!
(i really need to invest in a camera, so i don't have to pull all these pics from the websites, and i can actually record my life experiences!!)

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