Monday, April 7, 2008

The Market. ----- I hope I'm in Texas next one.

Just got a chance to look at the blog. The furniture market is finally over. Thank goodness. now I can try and keep up with you guys. 10 to 14 hr a day leaves nothing left. So thankful that Davo is ok and working hard ( makes the time go by faster ) Will be praying for Patrick. Dave sounds good on the phone. CFC will not be the same. Can't wait to see him this week end. The tickets were cheap and has him going to Chicago first ,and on the way back to DC . But we will take lots of pix, for everyone who can't be here. It was good to see Suzy this weekend. Though I really didn't get to spend any time with her. But it was so good to come home to a warm welcome and hot food.(Smile) I haven't figured out how to make the face. Anna had her party here and I missed it . I got home abt 6:30 . To a clean house and some really good food in my fridge. I made some huge, huge arrangements this market. And could have made more if i was 2 more people. I even was on a ladder. Woe is me.!! They were humongous. I used jewel tone colors mostly, The furniture seemed to be just the usual stuff. the colors of the fabrics where deep reds and greens and purples. The traditional Spring colors , didn't see much Only some cream with green. Walls were painted in warm oranges, greens, and sand. There was some yellow but not much. Coffee tables turning in to tables that came forward like trays for laptops and food trays. kinda neat but ugly. The best part was watching the people. Ooh la la were they dressed to the nines on Sun. Beautiful scarves. I don't know, but if the market is any indication of the recession. They are gearing up for a great season. Hope they are right!!well I love you guys. am getting tired. Going to go be a couch poatoe for a bit. Play with my dog, and go to bed. Thank God you are safe Davo.That was great news. Write a bit when you get a break

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