Friday, March 7, 2008

More from the FAVORITE gross one

I thought we could meet, sleep, and eat once or twice a year at the same spot(or different spots each time)!!! Everyone gets their own Condo--hey, we could even take it to Hilton Head!!! Not sure if the bathtub is as nice as where Sue and Phil stayed, I'll get the realtor to get me a pic. We have to get a sign saying "the North Carolinians of West Virginia"!!! or "The West Virginains of North Carolina"!!! ??? Don't forget your tank tops--we can all match (depending on where the skids are!!!)

(Bet we could make a pretty penny if we sold it to them there forners invadin Hilton Head, bet they could get at least 10 families to fit, if not more).

It's easier to laugh than cry.........

I can't decide if it would be safer on the top, middle, or bottom?!!!!

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