Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Still the Mom!!

It was so good to read all the posts this week. It is soooooooo quiet here. Lilly went home today and chain is sad. Merry took me out to eat lunch yesterday and we took Sophie for a walk after. Making it a fun day. I ate lunch with mom and dad on Sunday and Mom took my picture of Davo that Victoria gave me. Sad But She put it on her fridge. (that's what moms and gradmoms do) Yes I think Davo is filling out a bit. !!!Hooray! Hooray !Hooray!!! I'm cooking Dinner for Anna and Hondo tomorrow. I am doing a lot of Knitting. Hooray! I am missing your dad a bit. ONe week down and a few zillion to go. I'll be working at the Flower shop during the holiday, and the Market. That will be fun. Hope all is good for you guys. I know Victoria and Suzy will have a blast. I want to hear about Davo's trip off base. That sounds like fun. Keep all the great posts coming. I read this every day and laugh and smile all day from some of the funny things you-all come up with.!!You guys have my heart!!!

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merrymerry said...

Chain is not sad Lilly left.She would not go back into garage because Lilly had her bed.Yesterday Chain was over in the neighbor's yard sleeping by their forsythia.I thought she was dead again.She does not move very quickly. Merry