Monday, March 31, 2008

Dad in Decatur, Tx

Howdy, I really don't feel like a texan yet, I guess i need to be more bow legged, My hair is growing I have a full head, not hair (its full of good things). Don't anybody say what you are thinking. My first night in my new home was good, I really slept good. No train ( Ted has a main line tracks just right across the road from his house. Every night at 330, I know that engineer blew that whistle for 10 minutes. anyway I didn't hear it last night I'm about a mile from the tracks where I am at now. I'll send pictures as soon as I have time. Love everybody and I'll see you on the 4-12, can't wait. been missing everybody (especially chainsaw), but Mom said that she was letting her sleep with her and sophie.ha bye Dad


The Mom said...

nope!not in this life time.!She is dreaming.

anniegrin said...

So excited to see you again!!! Can't wait!!!