Thursday, March 27, 2008


We are home!
Last blog we were in DC. Uncle J was feeling better.
We went to the Library of Congress,Archives(I went to the Art museums while J & Charlie went to Archives),Old post office pavilion,Boy Scout monument ,WWII monument,Then walked back towards Inn until a Taxi stopped for us.(Now the pain has spread from feet-ankles-knees-to left hip.)
Too old to walk that much.
About 19:30" Charlie started driving the Buick".He did not stop until24:00. Then we added diarrhea. I thought I was back working at Forsyth Med Center.I'm glad I can still work all night and function on 2 hours of sleep. Anyway We rented a car and drove home Wed.Charlie slept in the back almost all the way home.It only took 6 hours and traffic was not bad.
I'll post some pics as soon as I read how to download from the new camera.
Love to all and hope you avoid the BUICK RIDE>>>>>>

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anniegrin said...

Don't you love that you can't even vacation without leaving the RN behind... Not that we would leave ANYONE to be sick on their own!!!