Sunday, March 23, 2008

Easter Day

Man do my feet hurt.We started today at the Air &Space Museum.Charlie & Jay were in the simulators forever,Then an Ipex Movie on fighters. After that it was on to the Native American Indian Museum You would not believe the bead work and costumes on display.Jewelery was great also. Our Easter Dinner consisted of Buffalo Burgers and chili,& native foods in their restaurant.We walked to the botanical Gardens. They had a wonderful orchid exhibit.It was an awesome plant exhibit. We walked around the capitol grounds took some pics the back to the Inn.
Around 1800 we boarded a tour for the monuments. We started again at the capitol,Lincoln mem.,Korean War Mem.,Veitnam Mem,World WarIIMem. FDR Mem.Then back to White house And FDR MEM.. Man do my feet hurt................Can't wait to show you Pics. Happy Easter with Love OXOx

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The Mom said...

You better call me, I have forgotten when to pick you up? HEHEHEHE Must be time for a new patch!!!Sounds like fun. I ate at Mom's !!!!!!!Sophie misses you.