Friday, March 7, 2008

Dad's there!!

And the only reason I know is he's already having printer issues. I talked him through it last night before Phil and I went to dinner (we dressed up fancy and everything!!). He sounded really good; said there was about 4" of snow on the ground down there and it was still pouring the snow. I had to laugh at that because it was gorgeous here yesterday. Oh, well. Just wanted to let everyone know he's ok; he sounded really good, and he was geared up for the Thursday night Bible study there. Love you all. Will post more pictures later.


anna said...

did you for get the sun block?

The Mom said...

suzy!!! is that sunburn? Please say no. take some aspirin. where did you eat?

Sque said...

Yeah, it is sunburn. Got it while Phil and I were biking all over the place yesterday. It looks much worse in the picture than it is.