Sunday, March 2, 2008

And it begins...

We all remember (or some of us have just heard the story a million times) about how the poor alligator on top of the Harvey station wagon had to make the LOOONNNGGG trip to Florida many, many moons ago. Now, it seems that alligator is going to be making another trip (thankfully, the alligator has upgraded to a VW Jetta). This time the alligator is heading to Texas . Except a few of us aren't going to be able to go along with the alligator.
That's ok. Because now we have the technology to keep up with one another in newer (and better?) ways. So, sit back and read all about the next trip the Harveys are taking. We may not all be in the same car, but we're all in this together.

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anna said...

At this point in our lives, we need at least two suburbans to get anywhere with each other, not to mention, we would be safer in about 4 (so we won't kill each other.