Monday, March 10, 2008

Gardening for the day...

Phil (aka: CopperWolf) and I played in our front yard this afternoon. Some of you who have been by the house and have seen our very dead looking boxwood by the front steps. Well, as we were pruning down our out-of-control tea rose bush and pulling weeds, I mentioned to Phil that I would love to get rid of the small, dead-looking boxwood and put some rose bushes in it's place. He, being Phil, told me he would just dig it out for me right then and there. I had talked to Dad about it before, and he had mentioned how hard it was to dig up a boxwood. And of course, I shared this information with Phil. So, what did he do?
He dug up the ugly, seemingly dead boxwood (during the digging we quickly discovered it was just playing dead). Phil pointed out this was clear evidence that he loves me and is willing and able to take care of me. Oh, and Dad was right. It was very difficult to dig out (well, if the names Phil called it were any indication; I distinctly heard him refer to it as the devil several times!). To quote: "It came out of the ground, is pure evil, and a woman lead me to it; sounds like the devil to me!"
So, now I have to decide on what rose bushes (or other plants if you have a suggestion) I am going to plant there. Here's a picture of "the devil" plant (after we hacked it to make certain it's dead), and here's a shot of the big hole in my front yard now.

UPDATE: P.S. I just ordered two trees from I'll let you know how it works out. If they're really great, it'd be a great way to add some trees to your yard or start a new landscaping at a new place (hint: The Mom)!

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The Mom said...

What a fun day!!! I would love to have heard about the devil!!HeHe No, don't need any trees or box woods here or there.