Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Hello hello

Hello hello! Hope everyone is doing well. This blog is so much fun, reading it is the first thing I do when I come to work and then I email the new posts to Davy. I know he has been enjoying them also.

Nothing too much to report on. Just working away as usual and trying to have some fun. Last weekend was the first time in a very long time that I went to the beach and of course not realizing how pale I had become the hour resulted in a wicked sunburn. Oh well, that will teach me to ever go out without 50 spf. Then this past weekend I was invited to attend the American Red Cross Polo Luncheon at the Palm Beach International Polo Fields. It was lots of fun seeing everyone in their beutiful outfits and hats, but of course there were also the ridiculous outfits so they were funny to see too. I met some nice people and only realized after the fact that I had not only said hello to and sat back to back (not even 3 inches) from the President of Mexico! Way to go Victoria, goodness I can be rather oblivious sometimes :). Oh well! But, I must say that the highlight of the day was watching the polo match. There is honestly nothing more handsome then a polo player on his pony, ooh la la!

Next week Suzy comes to visit me for 2 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooooooooooooooooooo excited! Not sure what we will do, but I'm sure it will be fun :). Promise to take lots of pictures!

So that is it from me. Hope you like the new picture of Davy. Isn't he just so handsome?! and is it just me or does it look like he is filling out? Anyways here is blurb from him and of course he just couldn't resisit sticking in the jokes :) -

hey everyone, Vic has been keeping me updated about the blog. I'm surprised suzy was able to figure out how to use the Internet let alone make a blog. Impressive sue, keep it up and you'll finally move past "the email user" to a whole new level, "the blogger"....not really an improvement, they tend to be boring and extremely nerdy. Usually living in an apartment above a garage, spending all day on a comp talking to other people that spend all day on the computer. All the while trying to convince them that you are right. Though, it is only acceptable if you are paid to do it, that makes it alright ^-^...though still boring. (I definitely cant make another blogger joke for at least a week after that, but i can make a french one ^-^'). Anyways, Glad to hear ya made it to Texas dad, hope your having fun. Anna, hows your job going, are you liking it better? Mom, are you still Mom? If not then that would be weird. Sue, have you done something other than study (NOOOO, of course not ^-^ ). Well, if you couldn't tell Vic made me make this so that I had finally put something on the blog. So anyways, I'm doing my 12/7, and hopefully going off base Thursday, Wednesday night for yall. I'm trying to get on a trip that the cac offers, Arabian Adventures tour. Supposedly we get to ride four wheelers out on the sand dunes and race camels, hold the famous hunting falcons that is kind of a status symbol in these countries. We'll probably go to the souqs and the mall, which I'm hoping on. I just cant wait to get out of groundhogs day and off base into some sort of actual civilization again. Even if every one wears a dress and females look like Casper's evil twin ^-^ (couldn't help it). By the way did yall know that "Allah cannot see into Bahrain"? apparently Allah cant see into certain countries, but he can see into the US. Think about that one for a bit and you'll be confused as all get out. eh whatever, we don't really have to much going on around here. I'm pretty bored mostly, sometimes we will press a button, though most nights we wont press one. Don't get me wrong I'm not complaining, it's best it's like this, but sheesh French is just not that interesting. People that speak it must be very boring people, it's got to be the least useful language in the world, course so are the french in general (Yes!, ok well now I'm done with my jokes for the next week or two, while I wait for vic to cool off enough to let me do them again ^-^). Oh, by the way I'm studying french if ya couldn't tell, and its coming ok. Anyways, I'm done here. Ya'll have a wonderful day/week.


Vic and Davy


The Mom said...

Davo you are a nut! I bet if you were closer Vic would pinch your head off. French is a beautiful language. And nice people speak it. Yes i am still the Mom! What did you eat today. ? SEE! The perfect mom question.love

Sque said...

Such a GREAT update, Vic! Thanks for forcing it out of him. I miss him a lot. Anyways, I'll let him know what I think of his 'jokes' on my own. Some things the whole family doesn't need to hear...err... read. :)
Can't wait to see you next week!!! AHHHH!!! It's going to be sooo much fun!
Love you...

The Mom said...

vic, I want to go to a polo match. What fun. !!I've only seen them on Tv and read abt in books. Have fun with Suzy. I love the pix's

merrymerry said...

More pics of Davy please.Wonderful to see and hear from him even if it was forced. Davy watch out for the camels they spit and the falcons may think your their meat dejour.Actually it's good to see you filling out your shirt.What are you eating?

anniegrin said...

First of All...to be a redneck republican (please forgive me) but it strikes me as odd that the Mexican President is in the US...another illegal alien??? Or just visiting all his friends (the illegals)...ha ha, I had to say it. Loved hearing from davo, but if you only occasionally push a button, why not email more? I would give you a couple of "Hondo" phrases for your trip, but I want you to come back in one piece (and now you have some meat to bring with the bones!!! Looking good beefcake!!!). It sounds like a fun trip... I would love to do all that stuff, but girls are not allowed over there unless military... The job...it's ok, but not the greatest, my doctor is a really nice guy and says he is really impressed with my progress...still not for me. I am hoping to get into school by the fall, so I can not feel so bad when I tell him I gotta work 3 days a week (which means going back to a nursing unit). Loved the jokes, but if Vic was there... you'd be puny again!!! Love you all.