Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Working Hard.... Hardly Working

As always, I better do something constructive this week, I might get fired.... Boy, would Hondo be mad!!! Good to hear you all are doing well. I need to get some pics so I can post (I really need a camera!!) I want to go to palm beach too!!! You guys will have fun, but stay outta trouble..... NO boys around you two could really cause some problems for the area!!! Oh, I'm sure they have a noise ordinance, so don't shreik too loud when you see each other---you might get arrested!!! he he he


PS Keeping the girls made me want many pitter pattering feet........


Victoria said...

Wooohoooo! Well you or Suzy better get cracking on making those babies because I want to be an auntie!!!!! :) or at least an unofficial auntie for a bit. Also I will make sure to hand out earplugs to people at the airport before Suzy comes off the plane :)

Sque said...

Hehe... I don't know, Vic. The way things are going, you might make me and Anna an auntie first. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!
Anna, we'll do our best to not scream too loud. Oh, and the boys... well, I've been down there once before, so they know what to expect! HA!