Monday, March 24, 2008

DC Mornin' Nurse on call

Hey Eveyone,
From your favorite nurse on call. Yes J was up early "to drive the buick".He vomited from the bathroom door toward the commode.After we cleaned thr bathroom up,He went back to bed.
Second time getting up he insisted he was fine so off we walked to the Washington Momument and the Holocaust museum. Before we got the tickets to the Holocaust museum
we sent him to the Inn in a cab.He called when he was in the room and has slept today.
Charlie and I went thru then went to 2 art museums and the sculpture gardens.I am too challanged to figure out how to put Pics on here> In addition to my feet my knees are killing me. Will see you soon.
Hope there is not too much snow. It flurried here today

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