Thursday, March 13, 2008


I am trying to write an essay to get into school. I really need to submit my application asap. I know we all have trouble writing about ourselves....

These are the 3 points I must discuss....

Discuss the personal qualities and attributes that you think will be useful as well as those that you feel need further development in preparation for the nursing profession.

Provide your own definition of cultural competence, ethical sensitivity, leadership and life-long learning as well as how you may incorporate these concepts in your professional practice.

Discuss how a graduate education in nursing will impact your future career goals.

I need your HELP!!!!

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merrymerry said...

Ann pull WFUBMC diversity policy to address the cultural competence Leadership discuss what style you use are you a passive leader? lead only when you must?again go to evaluations you've had at work,
The graduate ed question depends on what area you choose,look at the requirements needed,Personal qualities for me are the hardest.I can always list opts to improve but hard to pull outdid wells,again look at requirements for the speciality.
Hope this helps Thats why I have the BSN---Merry