Monday, March 24, 2008

Chainsaw and the mom

Sophie and I just made it home by the skin of our teeth. It started to rain and snow at the same time and the wind was nasty. I was really cold. The walk did not help Soph at all. She was acting like the horses do in cold weather. Bad. But we made it home. Chainsaw was in the back know how you have to do...... put Soph on the deck and close the gate, ......let Chain out the fence gate( with out getting electrocuted ) ect,ect,ect, Well the next door neighbor puts a Shepard out that has never been there before. It's raining and snowing and the wind is nasty. So soph goes nuts!!! And Chain decides she wants to go for a run!!! No joke- a run. She can fly , when I'm chasing her. in the snow and wind and rain. A white hair old woman and a black and white hair old dog.. She can't hear me calling her name. But all the neighbors did. We could of had 10,000 dollars if we had a camera!!! Needless to say , we are not speaking at the moment. I love yal, Think I'll go see if I have any wine. love to all.


Victoria said...

I laughed soo hard when I read this. It is sooo easy to picture this scene. I'm sorry you had to go through it, but at least you ahve a fun story. Goodness Chain definately takes after Davy doens't she?! ;)

anniegrin said...

Mom, weren't you forgetting to chase her while swinging a headless chicken? That would have been much funnier, but I can still picture the scene and hear you screaming and muttering under your breath those favorite family words. Who knew chain could run so fast????