Sunday, March 16, 2008

What I did today

So, Phil took me to a few different garden centers today. I found a great one, called Fairview, on Holly Springs Rd. Anyways, I wanted to plant some herbs out but was told that's a bad idea until about April 15. So, Phil let me get some cacti to play with instead. Aren't they cute?!? (I hope The Mom likes what I did with the bowl she got me!)
Since we were doing garden stuff, I trimmed up my yellow jessamine vine around my mailbox. Here are some of the cuttings. I wonder if they'll root. Also, here's a daffodil I saved that got a little crushed when the men chopped down the Bradford Pear we were afraid was going to crash into our kitchen. Isn't it pretty?


The Mom said...

so pretty, I love spring. You did a good job with

merrymerry said...

Yes the time is right to plant.J had the urge to trim the world, If you want forsythia to transplant we have plenty.
We also had lovely bon fire.(Thank God for the rain on Sat.)