Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hello from Misawa!!!

Hello hello!!!! David and I are safely in Misawa. It is a nice base and we have been blessed with amazing sunshine, which we hear is very rare in these parts :) David's sponsor is a very nice man from upstate NY. He has been most helpful and kind. Also at the airport we were met by his sponsor and his topish boss, we had been informed that if we hadn't missed our flight the previous day that we would have had at least 10 people greet us! But that is good news because it means that David's new shop is very busy which makes him happy. The only bad thing is that they do a LOT of PT (physical training) which David isn't thrilled about, but that isn't a big deal. Plus I should probably join them :)

The Misawa Inn is quite nice. We have a sitting room, full kitchen, bathroom and bedroom (lots of closet space!). Since we have been here we have been going to meeting after meeting to in-process. As we arrived late though we have to do all the welcome tours next week, but in all honesty it is nice doing it the way we are (as usual we never do things the way everyone else does, hehe). For the tours I think we will be going to a huge fish market, the city of Hachinoche (bigger city about 40 mins away), etc. ALso yesterday we passed our driver's license test and we both passed! So we will be looking at cars to buy now (you can get a 4 wheel drive car for under $6000, the only thing is as we don't put on as much mileage here the cars are old by US standards, but they are good). Funny fact as David has to have his license given to him by his First shirt I get to drive in Japan before him, hahaha lucky me :) (David: I still did better on the test though!)

Today is house hunting day. There are good places available on base, but we REALLY want to live off base and it seems to be quite normal around here (plus the area is small so we are never that far from base). We miss the Japanese people very much. Our time in Tokyo really impressed us as they are all so polite and welcoming. It is nice being on base where we know how to react as it is American, but why be here and not get to know the culture better. So we will let you know what we find. We have found out that we will most likely find a 3 bedroom home (still very small) but that way we have room for you to come visit!

God has really taken care of us and we truly feel at home already.

Well must dash for the first meeting of the day!!! Love you very very very much xoxoxoxoxo


The Mom said...

I am so happy for you . thanks for the post!!!! Please enjoy every min. I will be saving my penny's to visit. Sorry Davo about PT. HeHe!!! Have you eaten great fish yet!!Thanks for the M Day card. Will be going to TX in the AM . All is well here. Give each other a hug from me. Davo, you wanted to go to Japan for as long as I can remember. Who would have thunk !!!What a great Adventure. I love ya both!!!

Dave said...

SUPER (I don't know how to say it in Japanese). You two are sure being blessed. Don't forget to thank the LORD. Love, talk soon Dad

merrymerry said...

ENJOY,,,,sounds like you are doing Great eat some sushi for me. Post some pics when you can XOXOX MM