Saturday, May 16, 2009


After noted pics from SuzQ,plans were made to extract Grace while the Raleigh Officer slept. A shopping trip to Replacements LTD was the perfect cover for The Mom,MerryMerry,& Uncle J.
After 2 hours shopping it was time to precede to SuzQ's vet office.Uncle J.told her upon arrival to come outside quietly(which is impossible)to take us to the safe house to free Gracie.Instead we went to Ruby Tuesdays and ate lunch .Uncle J sped away in the Volvo(after it was jumped by the awakened Officer .) The Mom and Gracie were safe in the Toyota .Merry Merry drove them to safety once again home where she belongs. at home........what else do you need.......
Love to all XOXOXO...... MM


The Mom said...

I mowed the back yard after we got home, leaving the back door open so Grace could hide from the mower. she hates it. she never came out ,never came out. so i stopped to go find her, i had visions of her and a ball of yarn. nope, she was on the big bed , full out . she didn't miss me , she missed my bed. such is life

Victoria said...

You all have too much fun! I love it :)