Thursday, May 8, 2008

Getting excited!

Hello hello! I am sooo excited that I will hopefully be seeing you in 2ish weeks! Can't believe that the 4 months have passed by already! I'll definately let you know once we have the date. Have barely heard from Davy lately, but overall he is doing well. Very excited about coming home and seeing everyone!

Life for me has been good, but rather busy now. This past weekend I spent 4 days in New York, which was FABULOUS! It was my friend Juliette's niece's Debutant Ball. Carla looked wonderful and it was fun because now that the Plaza's renovations are finished we had it back in the Grand Ball room. My cousin Charles was invited to be my escort and we had such a fun time together. Plus as he was my escort the year I was presented we had a fun time reminissing. We all looked gorgeous in our gowns, updos, and tuxedos! Once I have pictures from that night I'll send you some.

Plus it was wonderful seeing Juliette and her family again. It's been 2 years since I have seen them, which is definately too long! Hopefully one of these days I can go visit them in London :). The weather was amazing the whole time I was there and experiencing Spring again was fabulous! I know I have fantastic weather here all year, but that is more like Summer. Plus I miss NY soooooo much that is was nice being back 'home'. I would really like to move back one day, but we shall see.

Besides NY, my grandmother left yesteday to go back to Paris and she was rather sad, but it was a wonderful trip and it did her a TON of good. My parents are getting ready to leave this week to go back up to Virginia with more stuff, mostly clothing. They have loved being back here too. So I'll be all alone again, but looking soo forward to seeing you all and Hunky Dumplin! :)

Love you much and look forward to hearing more updates from everyone!

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The Mom said...

can't waiTto SE you too. sophie is puting a toy on the key board. she can
t speel either. love ya.xoxoxoxo sorry for the mess