Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hunkly Dumplin's coming home!!!!!

Good morning! Hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! So, Davy was supposed to leave a few hours ago, but no suprise he has been delayed several hours and is going stir crazy. He will hopefully be on a plane within the morning, but no gurantee. So Mrs. Harvey please keep your phone nearby as he plans on contacting you when he has a better idea of times. I'm soooooo excited for this weekend! Friday can't come fast enough!

Also, Davy's work was recognized by his superiors these past 4 months that they honored him with an award. I'm not sure the rank of the man who presented it to him, but i do know that he was Davy's commander's commander, which is a pretty big deal! So here is the picture from the ceremony! Pretty cool! I think they are going to miss Hunky Dumplin :)
Lots of love xoxoxoxox

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