Saturday, May 24, 2008


Hello to everyone!! As some of you know our computer crashed.
A great big THANKS to Hondo for bringing it back to life. I thought it should be thrown into
the pool but I was out voted once again.
Hope you have a Great Memorial Day Weekend.
We are cleaning patio and painting since gas is $4.00. We decided to do some work around the house.We're looking forward to seeing you next weekend.
Oh Victoria ,Julian said he would teach you to drive a stick shift.He won't make you cry either.
If he could teach Juliana he can teach anyone!!!!!
Mr. Tom is on our Prayer List at Church. Hope he's feeling better.
Will add more pics when Camera comes back from repairs. Charlie had a long 2 weeks,1st the computer crashed,he broke my camera,and then dropped his phone and it had to be replaced.
Sometimes it doesn't pay to get out of to all MMMMMMerry

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