Monday, May 12, 2008

Mending the Kitty

Ms. Callie is visiting my vet office for the next little while. We're working hard to fix her mouth. My vets don't believe she has Herpes virus; in fact, they think it's an autoimmune response caused by unknown factors. We're going to be treating her for the rest of this week to see if we can't "fix" her. Hopefully we can. Meanwhile, she's having a grand old time telling all of us techs how to do our job. Everyone thinks she's beautiful, even if she has no problems telling you how she feels.
I'll update you on her condition later this week. And, I'll also update with some more pics.


Victoria said...

Well she will always be Permiscuous Kitty! hehehe

The Mom said...

I'm beginning to miss her. never thought that would happen !!!!