Monday, May 12, 2008

Davy - last week

Hello hello! Here are some pictures that Davy took last week. The first three are of his ceremony to become a Senior Airman (3 stripes). Woohoo!!!! The man giving him the certificate is a Marine, who Davy says was awesome, and the man in the middle with the greener looking fatigues is another Airman. Those are the new DCUs for the Air Force btw. Then there is another man in a different uniform and beard and he is one of the Australians. Davy said that they were the coolest group of guys! So even though it was icky circumstances I'm glad that they had such a good time together. The last pic Davy looks goofy in :), but you can see him all suited up.

Best of all it seems that my dad's birthday party is pretty much on schedule! So party party time in about 1 week, right before Memorial Day weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



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merrymerry said...

Wow.... It kind of slaps you in the face to see Hunky Dumplin with a gun......I hope all is well in the land of sand.oxoxooxM