Thursday, May 29, 2008

The CHARLOTTE adventure

OK, Lucky for everyone involved, my boss was nice enough to let me take yesterday partly off so that mom wouldn't have to bunk with Davo on base for the next few days......

I get a call in my office around 9ish yesterday morning--It's The Mom--Davo changed his flight and would be able to land at CLT and we wouldn't have to drive to Columbia. Great, when does he land? 11:54. Well, he'll have to wait a bit, cause I told my boss I would work until 11:00.

Visit the boss' office around 9:30, catch each other up to speed and he tells me to go!!! Whohoo!! Davo here we come!!

Meet The Mom at her house, off we go! I have to speed up and slow down to keep her in my rear view mirror--all the way there!!! And to everyone who thinks I'm a crazy driver, I almost died several times--and they were never going to be my fault!!!!

At the airport--we both have to pee so bad we almost used the men's room (the first bathroom we saw). The Mom is almost skipping and talking so much you would have thought it was Sque!!! Same questions over and over and over and over and over.... well, you get the picture!

We found out that his flight would be in at 12:03 instead of 11:54 at 12:05. His luggage would be at ZONE D. There was a little coffee shop right infront of the escalator next to ZONE D. The Mom had already had her morning coffee and a large McD's Iced Tea--She ordered a coffee at the coffe shop!!! It was NASTY--I had to share my H2O.

And then.....12:10ish....It happened!!!

We saw the Davo!!! The Mom jumped out of her chair and hollered and Whohooed. Scared the crap out of this lady unlucky enough to be walking infront of us--She almost got squashed!!! There was a man infront of Davo on the escalator, he stepped back in a hurry--I'm sure he thought The Mom was going to tackle him!!!!

The Davo and I were slightly red in the face!!!

We gathered his stinky luggage and he had a friend to go back to base with--to keep each other awake!

Off we went to find those guys a good lunch! It took about 30 minutes of driving in circles and we finally found a restaurant--not the best but we had to quit driving, Davo was getting ready to drive off and leave us. It was an OK meal at Plan B restaurant on East blvd. Afterwards, The Mom and I passed a million of good looking food places, of course.

We said good bye to the boys, uh, men and off we went! Us north, Them south (we hoped)! Davo said he had GPS--I said I had The Mom!! He wouldn't trade!

Finally, back in Davidson County, drop The Mom off, it's about 3:30. Almost in my drive way and my phone rings....... You all know the rest, about 4:00 off I am again to Charlotte, except this time it was raining harder and traffic was slower..... No Luck on my part.....

Such a rotten way to end 4 months...... It makes me sick to my stomach (for him)!!!

But the good news out weighs the bad:


I can't believe I'm going to say it..........

WELCOME HOME HUNKY DUMPLING!!!!!!! (I just threwup in my mouth a little, but everything is ok, I was able to swallow it!!)


Victoria said...

Thanks for the post! Of course one gets absolutely no details from the Hunky Dumplin! Sounds like you all had a good time. Can't wait to see you this weekend!!!!
ps: Hopefully he will have cleaned himself and his cloths by tomorrow ;)

Sque said...

I threw up a little in my mouth just reading that. YUCK!!!! That's the grossest thing you've ever said, anniegrin, and we all know THAT is saying something! :)