Friday, August 22, 2008

Well, It's Official!

Today is my first day of classes. (what was I thinking?????)
Each class is scheduled on a weekly basis, Friday - Thursday. I am only taking 5 credit hours, but by looking a each syllabus, I'm going to be spending at least 10 hours a week on each class, probably more. I am taking Care Management (Health economics/access) and Nursing Research. Both very dull and dry for my tastes, but if I can at least survive these two, hopefully I will be able to survive the rest. I guess these are pretty good classes to start with, to get used to the whole distance learning thing. I'm just not sure how tough my instructors are going to be. Most of my grade for each class will come from discussion board participation. There is a Midterm and a Final in Case Management and 4 Exams and a Final in Nursing Research. A whole lot of discussion topics/group interaction for both.

I really don't know how I'm going to handle work, school and Vala. I have NO time ALONE! It will just have to work. She is getting her ears done September 10th. :( And I am supposed to fly to Chicago Sept 3rd and back late the 4th for work conference, which I really don't want to go to, it's not like I'll see anything but the airport and the hotel (the hotel is at the airport). But it is a Wyndham, so much better than the Motel 8. The website said that bathrobes are in the rooms, I hope so, cause I'm going to bring that sucker home if it is nice! (That's what you are supposed to do, right?) The bathroom soaps are coming to NC too! Yeah, I know that is kinda trailer trashy redneck, but I'll probably never stay in a Wyndham again.

I'm excited for the upcoming "paperwork".

I know the parties involved don't want it to be a big deal, but it is to the rest of us! I was able to pull some favors so I am off the whole weekend! I am supposed to take a bunch of pictures to bring to work--so the you-know-whos better be prepared!

That's all for now, going to go hide somewhere and read for school (Ugh!)
See you all next week when I resurface!



Victoria said...

Yeah for your 1st day back to school! You will do fabulously!!!! Can't wait to see you soon xoxoxo

merrymerry said...

You can do this.It will be over before you know it.Be glad Vala is a pup Take it from me it is harder when they are be in school is wonderful....Yeah I'm one of the people that enjoys school.......Weird....xoxo MM