Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The surprise......VALA

Well, most of you know from the grapevine...... Yes, Hondo got me a doberman puppy. She is 6 weeks old, and is doing fairly well with the potty training. Just a few mistakes. She is very timid and loves to cuddle. And, we have a name: "Vala" it is a german name that means "singled out" (in English it means "chosen") which is kinda true since she was the last one from the litter. No pics, maybe we will get some up soon!

Her bed is just like Gracie's, and she LOVES it. She likes to be wrapped up like a baby in the little blanket that came with it and rocked to sleep. No, she is not sleeping in the bed with me. Furniture is a nono. Her little claws are SHARP!

Hopefully I will be able to get a vet visit for today, she has been having liquid stools (poo) and that makes me worried (probably cause I'm a nurse and know how bad that can be). However, she is still eating and drinking. Yesterday, the bathroom was covered, and I had to wash the bed and the toys and the floor and the cabinet and the bathtub..... you get the idea. We have borrowed a crate from a friend (it's in the kitchen), so we will see how today goes (I think I already know). She did very good last night, her cries woke me up twice and we made it outside in time! She really doesn't like to be left alone, but gotta work to feed her!!! I left the radio on, so hopefully her day won't be too bad! (Can you tell I feel bad.....?)


Victoria said...

How exciting! Can't wait to meet Vala and Gracie! xoxo

The Mom said...

I think we have all gone nuts!

Sque said...
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Sque said...

Make sure she gets checked for Giardia. It's probably causing the loose stool.
And yeah, we have gone nuts!

merrymerry said...

What kind of nut? I have chesnuts,They will be ready to roast this fall. Can't wait to see the new Vala...xo MM