Monday, August 25, 2008

Parents pictures

Hello hello! Here are some pictures from the 'parents get together' :)
1. parents
2. dinner table the second night because of the rain
3. drinks before dinner with Aunt Love
4. Sunset

Only thing that could have been better is if the visit had lasted longer xoxoxo


The Mom said...

or if Davo was there!!!It was a fun time. You have some great parents!!

Victoria said...

Why thank you! I definately agree ;)

anniegrin said...

Vic, you are a brave lady. In-Law togetherness is usually a NO No! but between the two sides, there was never a doubt. Besides both sides love you!

Victoria said...
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Victoria said...

What can I say Davy and I are incredibly loved so the 'togetherness' worked out nicely :) Can't wait for more fun times all together!!!