Monday, August 10, 2009

charlotte,yes we are here!

We are here no one has vomited yet, J got off work early so THANK GOD, but I think the Mom and I could have found it...More adventures..... Thanks to all for the assist at the cookout .Hondo Thanks for the watermelon ,I didn't serve it (It's all mine hahahah)The last people left Sunday PM 10:30,only had 7 spend the night .I went to bed 4am Sunday got up at 930 am Sun. Charlie had great time seeing everyone. He has been a little nervous today but it is an adventure...He has until 2300. pm with us then needs to be in bed they get up at 430 tomorrow .We need to meet him at MEPS by 9am then he flies out around 1300.
Will post pic tomorrow.Love to all,

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Victoria said...

So happy that you all are together! We LOVED hearing from Charlie this morning. Just wish we could have been there with everyone. Lots of love and please send his address to us as soon as you have it xoxoxoxo