Friday, August 14, 2009

Affirmation (or swearing in)

Affirmation then at ease,Officer that talked about what they could expect.Charlie was up at 4:30 had breakfast then went to MEPS for processing.
We arrived at 9:00.We waited for every one's paperwork to be complete and they did the Affirmation at 11:00.He was suppose to flu out at 13:00 so we left to come home.At 15:30
they were just leaving Charlotte.They were delayed due to the storms.At 20:30 He called and was again delayed due to weather.They had another delay 2 hours.He called 21:50 and was in San Antonio,Then the last call was before he got off the bus after 23:00 at the base.He was anxious to say the least.I told him he could do this,God was with him and we loved him. Also if Davy Could do certainly he could. HA HA
Keep him in your prayers.
Love to all
Suzy will you turn the pic please. XOXOXMM :)

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