Monday, March 9, 2009

Sunday Sadness

Your dog is at my house now. She is beside Sophie.She and your Mom had a rough Sunday.
Marg called about 5PM and brought Chainsaw over.Jay & Charlie took care of the rest.She was a good annoying small fur ball that was always happy to see anyone no matter how badly we all treated her.I wish I could say she will be missed but I can say sorry for your loss.


Sque said...

I'm really sorry, Davo. But I thinks she's happier now that she's with Lily, Rosie, and Sapphie.

The Mom said...

I'm sorry too, She will always be
chainsawdog1 for my knitting password on my knit account !! love ya, Davo

anniegrin said...

Sorry Davo! Very sad! But I'm sure she is feeling much better now and terrorizing the heavenly gates begging for just a little attention from those who enter!

love you